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Georgia’s tourist attractions

Friday, March 26
The Department of Tourism and Resorts of Georgia has conducted a poll to find out what impression visiting tourists get of Georgia. The polling was carried out on February 1- 22 at Tbilisi International Airport and the checkpoints at Sadakhlo (Armenian border), Tsiteli Khidi (Azerbaijani border) and Sarpi (Turkish border) among people who had concluded their visit to the country.

820 people were questioned and it appeared that most of the visitors were German, American, British and French citizens. 30% of the visitors had entered Georgia for business and professional reasons, about 25% had been visiting friends and relatives, 23% for rest and enjoyment. Interestingly only 6.5% of them had entered Georgia via a tour operator. 47% stayed with friends or neighbours, 49% in hotels, the average stay in Georgia being around 10 nights.

On average the visitors spent approximately 1,500 USD here, making a daily expenditure of 337 USD. The attractions of Georgia listed by the visitors were human relations, hospitality, climate and the cuisine. The main problems they faced, which are critical, are the low level of services and problems in communication.