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NABUCCO and Turkish, Azeri and Armenian relations

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 26
The Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources is expressing its concern about the NABUCCO gas pipeline project, saying that the Azeri side has not responded sufficiently to enable the project to be implemented.

Of course the Azeri side is vitally interested in resolving the issues of the Armenian-occupied territories and Karabakh, but Baku does not know whether Turkey will proceed with opening its borders with Armenia, therefore it is delaying making a final decision on its involvement in the NABUCCO project.

Negotiations are underway between Turkey and Azerbaijan about the latter supplying gas to NABUCCO but everything depends on the further developments of the relations between Armenia and Turkey. New steps in this direction are expected by the end of April, on the anniversary of the humanitarian catastrophe which Yerevan wants the world to call the Armenian genocide. Meanwhile Azerbaijan is in standby mode.