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How social protest will influence election campaign

By Messenger Staff
Friday, March 26
As the local elections approach there is increasing public protest against the price of petrol and fuel in general, high mobile phone tariffs and high utility tariffs. However it is difficult at this time to assess how much social problems will influence the elections.

Of course social protest creates an anti-Government mood. High prices immediately create protests against the rulers because it is expected to prevent monopolistic practices which create price increases. It should be said however that social protest has not been on a serious scale so far. It is visible but not targeted or concentrated, thinks Gia Khukhashvili, economic analyst.

Analyst Soso Tsiskarishili suggests that the ruling party already has a big chance of winning the elections through its manipulation of the voters lists. Social protest will not change this, he says. The Government might reduce the prices of certain services right on the eve of the elections if these remain a concern.