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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Friday, March 26
Promised gas and electricity prices are not realistic

Rezonansi writes that Gia Khukhashvili wants Gia Chanturia to be elected Mayor simply to see what answer he will give people when he can't reduce the gas tariff to only 10 tetri and electricity to 5 tetri. It is also obvious that he will fail to supply the capital with free water, Khukhashvili says.

The analyst says that his sceptical attitude towards Chanturia has been created by him promising to do these things. However, Chanturia considers that as he has sufficient will he will be able to keep his promises easily.

In Gia Khukhashvili’s opinion it is deplorable that a person actually involved in gas and electricity affairs is making such irresponsible statements. Although utility prices really are inflated and we have a right to seek their reduction, free water wasn’t available even in Communist times. Chanturia knows all the abovementioned perfectly well but is making impossible promises in order to deceive as many people as possible, Khukhashvili says.

Victor Dolidze: We have chosen which way to follow

In an interview with Kvela Siakhle Victor Dolidze from the Alliance for Georgia states: "The Government began its election campaign in September last year and obviously it is using administrative resources to do it. People must bear in mind that mending roofs and paving roads is always the Council’s responsibility. Ugulava repeats very often, “I’ve done this or that” but forgets that while doing it he’s wasting people’s money.

"As for our Alliance, we are holding meetings in every region, we are getting to know people’s most acute problems and certainly all this is reflected in our Mayoral candidate Irakli Alasania’s campaign. Tbilisi residents should be aware of what we will offer them if we come to power.

"The public’s participation in the elections will decide everything. The electors must vote - if they don’t support anyone they should go to the polling booth and cross all the names out. The support of the international community will also be essential. It has directly told the opposition and Government that the elections on 30 May will be a test of democracy for Georgians. It should be also mentioned that foreign country's position on Georgia is radically different from what it was even 2 years ago.

"We have already chosen which way to follow. We’ll change the Government by holding elections and gain victory! I give my word to the electorate that we will protect their votes. Wait and see what happens. We, the members of the Alliance, wont hesitate to express our protest by holding peaceful demonstrations. Not once in the last 20 years has the Government of Georgia been changed constitutionally and now we should do it," says Victor Dolidze.

Asked why he didn’t attend the pan-opposition meeting held in the Labour Party office Dolidze said, "We are always interested in colleagues' viewpoints though we have already chosen our way. We also didn’t know that this meeting was to be held. As for their idea of calling an international conference I consider this something unrealisable at this stage as it would need much preparatory work."