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What is your opinion of the Georgian Government's decision to host Guantanamo Bay prisoners in Georgia?

Friday, March 26
"This is one further obvious confirmation that Saakashvili is a puppet of the United States and is even ready to turn Georgia into dust to please the US Government. While Cuba is trying to escape American control, we are submitting to it wilfully."
Temo, physicist, 26

“It is not pleasant but we have already adjusted to the fact that our authorities have become inadequate and are out of control. How they could agree to this when we have so many criminals in one small country? Do we want extra killers?”
Maia, housewife, 39

“I cannot welcome this decision but I do not see anything to panic about. We are talking about three detainees, not large numbers. I do not think these three people will be more dangerous than their counterparts already in Georgia.”
Nino, student, 21

“This should have been agreed with the people. No one has told us who are they are or why they were detained. Are they serial killers or drug dealers, where are they from? I want information so I can analyse for myself how dangerous they are for society.”
Misha, bank employee, 27

“I do not have any problem with these detainees. I don’t know why people are so astonished. Do they think Guantanamo prisoners will be more dangerous than Russians? When we see hundreds of Russians on our territory assaulting our people every day, what more can these detainees do? Moreover I do not think that our police will let them do whatever they might want.”
Mariam, hairdresser, 30

“I think this issue is not as acute as it is portrayed by the media. I do not think Georgia will become a target for terrorist attacks because of three detainees sent by the US. I believe our Government would not put us at such risk.”
Eka, student, 20

“It is a bit ridiculous to think that someone from Saudi Arabia will come to Georgia to search for unnamed prisoners and plot terrorist attacks here. I think the opposition is talking about these threats just to say something bad about Saakashvili’s Government.”
Tengo, driver, 42

“When Georgian prisons are full of detainees I do not think it is appropriate to host ones from the US. We have enough criminals and prisoners here already.”
Goga, bank employee, 27

"It is very clear that with this decision our Government is trying to gain more and more support from the United States. We have quite a considerable number of criminals of our own and there is no need to add more."
Nino, doctor, 32