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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Tuesday, March 30
Kakha Shartava - Saakashvili gets away with everything because of us

"When Saakashviliís Government found itself free of opposition pressure it didnít miss the opportunity to try and quash internal dissent. This process has already begun,Ē Kakha Shartava from the National Forum says in an interview with Akhali Taoba.

"As the Government has already started to fight for its survival itís obvious that the President wonít be able to stay in power until 2013. We wonít spare each other any more. Saakashvili will spare no one and no one will spare him," states Shartava.

"We should tell our Western partners that at last we can hold normal elections (without rigging them) and we have a great desire to overthrow this Government. We donít need the Mayoral elections held by Saakashvili. If we take any interest in these elections, it will mean that Saakashvili won't have to answer for everything he has done and will manipulate these elections according to his will. We shouldnít make any concessions, because Saakashvili will think that he has unrestricted power," Shartava continues.

"Iím not going to vote in the Mayoral elections as afterwards it wonít matter whether we win or loss, we will still have to wait till 2013 before we can touch the President. Then Saakashvili will declare that he is following Singaporeís example and standing again, and we will have to bear him for the next 40 years. Then his descendants will come into power.

"However I canít hide the fact that Saakashvili hasnít been made to answer for everything he has done because he is surrounded by us, people who have always failed to see their faults, who instead of addressing their negative features always try to hide them," adds Shartava.

The Chamber of Control will check the Ministries more often

Rezonansi reports that the public audit of the Government will be held once a year in order to ensure the state budget is spent in a better and wiser way.

Levan Bezhiashvili has shown the new standards of the Chamber of Control Chamber to the Parliamentary group which supervises it. He says that the Chamber gathers extremely interesting information about the activities of the Governmentís separate institutions and thatís why they think their colleagues should know what happens in the Control Chamber.