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Do you think reintroducing flights to Russia and Georgian products reentering the Russian market will help restore the territorial integrity of Georgia or is this indirect recognition of Russia's ‘new reality’?

Tuesday, March 30
“I think the two countries should have more civilized relations but I doubt that will ever happen, especially after the August War in 2008. The situation has become so tense that I can’t make any predictions.”
Meri, PR manager, 23

“I have a lot of relatives in Moscow and I’m very sorry that we are unable to visit each another freely. I know from them that Georgian goods are still in demand on the Russian market. The Russian people have nothing against us and we Georgians have nothing against them. So I am all for reestablishing relations in the most appropriate way.”
Lasha, economist, 34

“Of course it is capitulation. Our Government used to say that it will not resume any kind of contact with Russia until it withdraws its troops from Georgia. However, now we hear talk of the possible resumption of flights and opening up the markets. This is an indication that our Government is giving up Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I do not have any other explanation for this.”
Irina, economist, 35

“Well I think having at least some kind of relations with Moscow is essential now, especially for the citizens of Georgia living in Russia. The territories remain occupied and it is a fact. But we should not make Georgian citizens suffer because of this. Our Government should seek ways to ease the complicated situation that we have with Russia.”
Alexandre, teacher, 60

“I was happy to hear that negotiations are underway on reopening air communication with Russia. We are living in the 21st century and should be able to deal with problems in a civilized manner. I do not think that opening borders indicates recognising a new reality in the country.”
Medea, insurance agent, 27

“I am very sorry about the existing situation in Georgian-Russian relations. Most of my relatives are in Moscow and I can’t see them. Is this normal? In my opinion after flights resuming and Georgian products reentering the Russian market we will reestablish relations and it is possible that this will facilitate the restoration of the territorial integrity of Georgia.”
Mamuka, businessman, 57

"I do not know what to think. Is flight restoration and reopening the Russian market positive or not? If Russia is ready to make some kinds of concessions towards Georgia this means that Georgia is conceding something as well, and the Government should inform us about it."
Lia, housewife, 41

"It is very obvious that our Government is holding hidden negotiations with the Russians. It is just impossible to make decisions about reopening the market and restoring flights without the two sides collaborating with each other. Russia is trying to entrench its new reality in Georgia and our Government seems to be doing nothing to stop it."
Gia, trainer, 34