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Wednesday, March 31
Sergey Lavrov says Moscow terrorist acts were organised abroad

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the terrorist acts in Moscow were organised by groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Itar-Tass reports. "A lot of terrorist acts are planned not only in Afghanistan and nearby countries but also in Central Asian states, and sometimes even in the Caucasus," Lavrov said.

The Russian Minister said that the international community should fight terrorism together. Lavrov thinks that special attention should be paid to the terrorists' funding sources. He said that the terrorist acts will be quickly investigated and the criminals punished.

39 died and 72 were injured in the blasts at Moscow metro stations on Monday. The first went off in Moscow in the central Lubyanka station at 07:56 and the second blast, at Park Kultury, at 08:38. They are being treated as suicide bombings.

CNN has been informed that a website associated with Chechen separatists has claimed responsibility for the Moscow suicide bombings. (Interpressnews)

Georgian President awards Javier Solana the Golden Fleece Order

President Mikheil Saakashvili has personally awarded Javier Solana, the former EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union the Golden Fleece Order.

Solana has received this award for his pat in strengthening Georgia's sovereignty and statehood and his support of Georgia's national interests on the international scene.

"With support of the West we avoided war last year and hopefully we will be able to avoid worse in the future. This is to your credit. Of course there was a political will as well. You were working very hard to support our peace plan even before the war started. You also supported us in a difficult period," Mikheil Saakashvili told Solana.

"I am happy to be here and to receive this important medal which represents the friendship of our country with the European Union. I am very happy that you called me a true friend. You also said that I always gave you good advice. Well at least I always tried to do so. I'd like to assure you that I will continue to assist your country. You will always remain my friend. I am very glad that Georgia has signed very important documents on easing the visa regime and trade cooperation with the European Union," the former EU High Representative said.

The Golden Fleece Order has also been given to Strobe Talbott, the President of the Brookings Institution and former Assistant Secretary of State of the US. (Rustavi 2)

Further deportation of Georgian citizens from Poland

Another deportation of Georgian citizens from Poland has been made. Reports say that Georgians currently in immigration camps in Poland, returned to Georgia yesterday.

The Polish side says that citizens of other countries, including Armenia, were deported along with the Georgians. A special Poland-Yerevan-Tbilisi flight was assigned for the deportees.

Georgians living in Poland illegally have been gradually deported over the last few months. (Interpressnews)

Inspector-Investigator of Batumi Police Station detained

Officers of the General Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have detained Senior Lieutenant Beglar Abashidze, the District Inspector-Investigator of Batumi Police Station, for money extortion.

The detainee extorted 200 GEL from a citizen and guaranteed to solve imminent problems connected with the transportation of timber. The detained police officer has admitted the crime.

An investigation is being conducted by officers of the General Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The crime bears a term of imprisonment of from 6 to 9 years. (Interpressnews)

Three businessmen detained for issuing fake invoices

Three persons were detained on Tuesday for printing fake tax documents. The Investigative Department of the Georgian Finance Ministry reports that the brothers Ramin and Roland Gablaias have issued fake invoices with the assistance of different businessmen in the vicinity of the so-called Eliava Fair. They issued an invoice for GEL 800 for timber worth GEL 7 thousand to one citizen there.

Businessman Gia Bakhtadze was also detained for issuing fake invoices on behalf of his father. If found guilty, the detainees may face from four to seven years imprisonment. (Rustavi 2)