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What do you think about US military assistance to Georgia?

Wednesday, March 31
“I think it is very important for a small country like ours to receive any kind of assistance from such a world leader as the US. I think it is a positive thing and I do not understand the opposition criticism of this. I do not understand why they are so alarmed.”
Ia, PR manager, 30

“The United States will not do anything for Georgia if it has no interest in doing so. I think Georgia will have to make its own contribution in return for this assistance. I have heard that the US wants military bases on Georgian territory. I think this will irritate Russia and cause more conflict.”
Tengiz, unemployed, 53

“I am not an expert on these issues, but I do not think US assistance will bring any bad consequences for our country. It may anger Russia, but we have the US as a reliable partner, so we should not be that much afraid.”
Rezo, salesman, 46

"I think that the US is frightened by Russia's plans and believes Georgia’s military assistance is needed. Russia is trying to control the Caucasus, which will be unacceptable for the United States and the West, and the US is trying to strengthen Georgia’s military potential so it has a strong and reliable partner force in the Caucasus."
Gia, economist, 41

"If the United States supports those countries which are not favoured by Russia and are against its monopolistic plans it will be profitable for the United States, as Russia is a frightful and uncontrolled force for the rest of the world at the present moment, which is why the US helps our country, I consider."
Nona, manager, 28

"To my mind the United States considers Russia an uncontrolled country and it is difficult to predict what its Government might do, which is why it is intending to improve Georgia’s military system, which really needs assistance after the August 2008 events. If Russia manages to take control of the Caucasus this will be a great loss for the United States as well due to its strategic importance. It is also possible that the US is frightened after the French agreed to sell the Mistral to Russia."
Giorgi, analyst, 31

“Well Georgia has chosen its path. It wants to integrate with international structures. This military assistance from the US is aimed at training Georgian troops which have to participate in the Afghan military mission, so I think this financing is absolutely essential for this reason.”
Beka, architect, 23

“Strong and experienced countries always encourage small ones to become the part of the international community. US military support will be an interesting experience for Georgian troops and will help them obtain a proper military education. I personally see nothing against this.”
Anna, economist, 33