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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Friday, April 2
Are there a million fictitious electors on the list?

One of the leaders of the National Forum, Irakli Melashvili, asserts that the electoral list contains more than a million fictitious electors.

At a press conference held in the party's office Melashvili stated that the figure of 3,600,000 registered electors was unrealistic because this number of people voted in 1990 when the country had a million more people living in it.

The National Forum is demanding that voters be re-registered using biometric identification. Melashvili is sure that only in this way rigging of the elections can be prevented.

Alasania: it's now entirely up to the Georgian people to make a choice

"Tbilisi inhabitants should bear in mind that our country’s future depends entirely on them. I assure the electors that we are ready to defend their votes under any circumstances. Despite the Government’s frantic attempts to decrease the number of electors, people still should come out and vote, Mayoral candidate Irakli Alasania says in an interview with Kvela Siakhle.

"It doesn’t matter who the Government's candidate will be on May 30, we’ll still fight against him and gain a victory. We aren’t going to change our campaign tactics, although the Government is putting supporters of our Alliance under great pressure. In Didi Dighomi members of Our Georgia Guram Avsajanishvili and Revaz Chanturia have been menaced systematically on behalf of the National Movement. However by doing this they won’t discourage us, on the contrary, we’ll fight against them frantically.

"The Government can see perfectly well that in Tbilisi its existence is in danger and it is stopping at nothing to improve conditions. However the public won’t tolerate this and will react to the Government’s behavior as sharply as it did over the imitated Kronika broadcast," says Irakli Alasania.

"NATO General Secretary Rasmussen has called the elections due to be held on 30 May a Test of Democracy in Georgia. His words are a visible testimony that the Western Community gives great importance to these elections. After all these drastic measures, terrible repressions and disgraceful rigging they will reveal whether democracy reigns in Georgia or not.

"It should be emphasised that the forthcoming elections will be held under the control of more than 300 supervisors. Now everything speaks to the fact that the Western countries won’t put up with the falsification of elections any more. The more people vote the more there is a chance to change Saakashvili’s Government," says Alasania.