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What is the biggest lie anyone has ever told you on April 1?

Friday, April 2
“I am always alert on April 1. So nobody has ever managed to fool me so far. To be honest I have not been able to fool anyone else either. I think I am not a good liar.”
Maiko, student, 18

“I do not like this tradition. I do not understand why others are having fun by deceiving their relatives and friends. I have been told some small lies by my children but nothing so special. In many cases that has made me angry.”
Manana, housewife, 55

“I am a teacher and usually my students fool me. The most common lie is telling me that they are not ready for the lesson or they do not have their homework done. As soon as I get angry, they start laughing.”
Tina, teacher, 42

"Unfortunately it is very easy to make a fool out of me as I can believe even unimaginable things, especially when my relatives or family members tell me them. Last April 1 my brother called and told me that he had been imprisoned for drug usage, and I just went mad, but I did not imagine he could tell me such a dreadful lie. Fortunately it was not true, of course."
Nino, pupil, 15

"Oh, my son made a fool out of me today, but it was such a nice lie that I did not want to believe it was not true. My son is 29 years old and I want him very much to marry, especially now a very nice girl has appeared in his life, so when he called me today and said that he had got married, I was so surprised and happy you cannot imagine. I hope, that very soon what he told me will come true."
Nona, doctor, 50

"To tell the truth I cannot remember, as it is very difficult for others to cheat me, as I hardly believe even what is true, and then only after rechecking it. However it is quite easy for me to fool others, especially my friends and relatives."
Nino, dancer, 22

“Honestly I cannot remember, maybe because it is very difficult to fool me and for me to lie to anyone.”
Megi, housewife, 35