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Do you think Russia will use the terrorist attacks as a reason to start a new war somewhere in the Caucasus?

Tuesday, April 6
“I think this possibility exists in the imagination of our military experts and politicians. Russia does not need to start a new war in the Caucasus and soil its already bad reputation further.”
Jano, student, 23

“Maybe. It is hard to predict what Russia plans to do. For example it was quite unexpected that Russia would enter and invade almost the whole of Georgia in August 2008. So everything is possible.”
Nineli, real estate agent, 44

“I do not think so. Russia should not want to anger the West by having another war in the Caucasus. Maybe there will be some persecution operations in the North Caucasus following the terrorist attacks, but I do not think there will be a new war.”
Vazha, businessman, 50

"I am absolutely sure it will, as Russia used terrorist acts to start large scale military operations in Chechnya several years ago. To my mind the Russians themselves have organised this horrible terrorist act, to justify their present and future violent activities in the Caucasus."
Gia, physiologist, 45

"It is very difficult to say anything about this, as it is a very unpleasant theme. In general, it is Russian practice to use such events for its own brutal ends. It is also a fact that Russia wants the whole Caucasus and will do its best to get it, but the West and the United States will always oppose this. In conclusion, I think Russia will start another war in the Caucasus, but not in Georgia."
Nino, teacher, 51

"When such terrorist acts happen in Moscow they are the focus of world attention, but the Russians have been doing the same things for many years in the Caucasus. Now the Russian Government will use this terrorist act to justify its actions in Chechnya, Dagestan and some other Caucasian territories."
Giorgi, soldier, 26