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Do you welcome the Presidentís initiative to create a computer revolution in schools?

Thursday, April 8
ďAny innovation should be welcomed I think. In Georgia we need to adopt Western standards of education, which now include the computerisation of the system. I support Saakashviliís idea in this respect.Ē
Liana, housewife, 55

ďI hate the word revolution, it always seems exaggerated. I do not know if our Government will be able to create a computer revolution in Georgian schools, when in most of the schools in the regions they have no heating or elementary conditions for holding lessons in.Ē
Ketino, pediatrician, 36

ďI do not support the education system changes that happen every other year in Georgia, but this computer revolution idea seems interesting and useful. Letís see if the Presidentís words are not just part of the election campaign.Ē
Inga, accountant, 40

"I cannot imagine how such ideas come to our Presidentís mind. All sensible people in our country are trying so hard to persuade the young generation to read books, as when you read the brain works differently, and this process is necessary for the better development of children."
Tamar, housewife, 31

"There are too many problems in the country and Saakashvili should be engaged with more serious problems that replacing books with computers. There are many clever and experienced psychologists and analysts in the country and the President should just listen to them. I am really fighting to prevent my son getting addicted to the computer and he is trying to achieve the contrary."
Zurab, economist, 29

"Computers are very necessary in this century. I was dismissed from my job as I had no knowledge of how to use different computer programmes. If we want our new generation to be more competitive in the global market and achieve success we should take the Presidentís initiative into consideration. I welcome the computerisation of schools."
Nato, accountant, 56

"Well our country has seen a variety of revolutions so this process has become rather familiar, but still I think that no revolution should involve children, especially at such a small age. Books are irreplaceable so I canít welcome this initiative, but I donít oppose establishing additional computer classes for them."
Lali, doctor, 45

"I have a small sister who likes computer games but I donít let her sit in front of a computer for more than half an hour. The computer has lots of side effects which are especially serious for small children. So I can see no positive side to this initiative apart from it lessening the amount of books pupils need from the first grade and all the money they spend on books every year."
Mariam, PR manager, 23

"I think this is a very interesting initiative which will make it easier for pupils to study in a very modern way. Children are acquainted with computer systems so it wonít be difficult for them to use the laptop."
Giorgi, accountant, 29