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Friday, April 9
Kay vs. tycoon's family: new allegations

Businessman Joseph Kay and Ina Gudavadze, the widow of late business tycoon Badri Patarkatsishvili, are now in dispute over the Buda Bar in New York. The lawyers of the businessman, who claims to have inherited the property of the tycoon after his death, assert that the lawyer of Ina Gudavadze and one of the witnesses in the previous lawsuit between the parties, Jean Ive House, entered the Buda Bar on March 31 with about 20 armed people and ousted the managers of the bar. The complainant asserts they then embezzled 50,000 dollars from the manager's safe and New York's Chief Prosecutor is investigating the case.

Ina Gudavadze claims possession of the Buda Bar on the basis of a decision by the Gibraltar law courts, which have considered most of the disputes between Kay and Gudavadze, because the late tycoon registered all his property in Gibraltar. (Rustavi 2)

Lawmakers, opposition leader respond to the Kyrgyzstan uprising

Georgian lawmakers have expressed their deep concern regarding the recent developments in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, where the opposition has seized power, dissolved Parliament and the Cabinet and imposed interim rule in the country. About 70 people have been killed in the uprising and hundreds injured.

Minority group MP Paata Davitaia said that civil confrontation will always have undesirable consequences for the development of the state. He expressed his hope that the bloodshed would soon end and the situation would improve through peaceful negotiations between the conflicting parties.

MP Shota Malashkhia said that Asia is a difficult region, the stability of which is important for the rest of the world. "This is a country where both Russian and U.S. military bases are stationed and this fact has very serious implications. That's why I think that stability is of vital importance for this region and I believe stability and security guarantees will be maintained regardless of who rules the country," Malashkhia said.

Leader of the Labour Party Shalva Natelashvili has also commented. "Saakashvili should acknowledge that he will face worse unless he resigns. The recent developments in Kyrgyzstan are the consequence of the so-called 'Tulip Revolution organised by Bush-McCain, in which Saakashvili also participated. Today Saakashvili is the last Mohican from the cascade of colour revolutions," Natelashvili said. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian PM pays official visit to Kazakhstan

Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri is paying an official visit to Kazakhstan. He will participate in a session of the Georgia-Kazakhstan inter-governmental commission for economic cooperation. Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, Zurab Pololikashvili will Chair the session.

During the visit the Prime Minister will hold a meeting with the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov, and further meetings with local business and governmental authorities are also on the agenda. The sides will discuss issues of bilateral cooperation.

The PM's administration does not rule out a meeting between the PM and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev being held. The visit will end today. (Rustavi 2)

2-storey building on Eristavi Street falls

Part of a two-storey building collapsed on Eristavi Street early yesterday morning. IDPs are living in the building, but nobody was injured, Interpressnews was told by a representative of the Emergency Service.

About 10 families of IDPs living in the building will now be rehoused in the regions. Temur Giorgadze, head of the Emergency Service, and Koba Subeliani, Minister of Refugees and Accommodation, attended the scene. (Interpressnews)

Bloc Georgia to be fined

The Bloc Georgia company will be fined for non-fulfillment of the terms of the 100 New Hospitals project. Healthcare Minister Sandro Kvitashvili stated this at a briefing at the State Chancellery on April 7.

The Minister said that the amount of the fine will be calculated according to the commitments imposed on the company by the project. It will however be several million dollars. (Prime News)

Experts predict growth in oil price soon

The Union of Oil Products Enterprisers, Importers and Consumers forecasts a growth in oil prices in Georgia soon. Chair of the Union Vano Mtvralashvili and Deputy Chair Vakhtang Iobashvili stated this at a news conference yesterday.

The Union officials said that according to the information bulletin Platt's the cost of petrol has been growing for the past few weeks. On February 12 the international price of petrol per tonne was $642.25, while today it is $793, i.e. the cost of petrol has grown 23% in these few weeks.

Vano Mtvralashvili said that the cost of crude oil has also gone up from $69 to $86. (Rustavi 2)