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Friday, April 9
Burjanadze – this demented regime will be finished

In an interview with Kvela Siakhle leader of the Democratic Movement-United Georgia Nino Burjanadze has talked about the Interior Minister’s recent interview with Kommersant in which he said that Georgian officials had offered Russian soldiers USD 50,000 to bomb the Stalin monument in the centre of Gori during the 2008 war.

“I wonder what Gori residents think when they hear that the Georgian authorities offered the Russians money to bomb their town, or what those mothers whose sons were killed in the war think about this. It would be interesting to know whether Givi Targamadze remembered while offering this money that there are houses around this monument. This sort of thing will not happen much longer time as I promise that by next Annunciation this demented regime will be finished,” Burjanadze said.

“I just ask one question - who was with Saakashvili on the night of August 8, 2008 when he ordered his troops to open fire? Why did Merabishvili not expect that if we opened fire the Russians would enter our territory? I persistently argued at the Security Council meeting in April 2008 that if we started a war the Russians would respond. Saakashvili had already been told by Putin that that if he bombed the territories where the Russian peacekeepers were he would use armed force to defend them,” Burjanadze said.

Inga Grigolia – I do not intend to be an ordinary politician

"I could not have imagined that I would want to be a politician a year ago. No one knows what they might do after a year. But I cannot imagine myself being an anchor again," Inga Grigolia, one of the candidates for Tbilisi City Council Chair, says in an interview with Kvela Siakhle.

"It is horrible what has been done with Georgian journalism, and that is why I have decided to get involved in the battle against the present Government. I say now for the first time that I never supported the Rose Revolution. Do not think I am boasting, but I do not intend to be an ordinary politician," Grigolia says.

"I am often told that I should distinguish between the City Council and big politics. To tell you the truth I do not see any difference between them. Fighting for the City Council Chair post is a great political battle for me. Let’s remember 2003, when Saakashvili took the post of City Council Chair and then destroyed Shevardnadze’s Government. I believe that if the voters participate Saakashvili will have stronger opposition from the City Council than Eduard Shevardnadze ever had from the National Movement.

"I made certain compromises in journalism but making compromises is unacceptable in politics. I will be absolutely free, radical and oriented on the outcome. I shall take care even of sewage problems and climb onto roofs if needed," Inga Grigolia says.

"I am not a project of either Saakashvili or Ugulava. Let them call me a project of the Christian-Democrats! Time will reveal everything. If I fail, people will notice at once! I have already realised that people will not forgive me any mistakes.

"Generally I do not like it when people love politicians. Everyone knows what Saakashvili has done, he who came to power ‘with love’. I need the confidence, not the love, of people. People should have hope in my team and me," Grigolia continues.

"First of all I shall give my attention to journalism. I am well aware of the disastrous situation in journalism. I suffered TV attacks and threats to my family members. I had hard times then. That is why I shall teach the present Government how to have proper relations with journalists! Saakashvili was well aware of our value in the past. We thought he would be our friend. I could never have imagined that he would close Koka Kandiashvili’s, Eka Beridze’s and my TV programmes. When you fight journalists that means you are afraid of them," Inga Grigolia says.

"I believe a great opposition force will take Tbilisi City Council. But we are facing a serious battle, which we have to win. The opposition should stop abusing each other and prepare for this serious battle,” Grigolia adds.