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Do you remember what happened on April 9, 1989 and what kind of influence it had on the country’s development?

Friday, April 9
“I was only 5 years old when that tragedy happened and I remember only the video footage that they used to show on TV. April 9 was a big tragedy, but it was also a day when the Georgian people made a huge contribution to the country’s independence.”
Giga, distributor, 25

“I am not from Tbilisi and I did not see with my own eyes what was going on in the capital that day. But I remember how shocked we all were to hear the news about the crackdown on peaceful demonstrators. The whole country was outraged. Through the sacrifice that the people, standing that night on Rustaveli Avenue, made we all felt that we are Georgians and should fight for our country.”
Manoni, teacher, 49

“It is a day which I remember now as if it happened yesterday. I was full of emotion and anger. I had come home before the tragedy happened. I came in and heard on the radio that the Russian troops were approaching. I cannot express with words what I felt then.”
Natela, biologist, 60

"I was just 8 years old and I was not at all interested in such events, even though I remember my terrified neighbours talking about some danger while I calmly played with my dolls. When I grew up I definitely realised what had gone on and I was really sorry for all that had happened in our country."
Maiko, painter, 29

"As I was just 4 years old I can’t remember the period in great details but it had a serious affect on the country as a step forward to democracy. It was an important protest against the Government after a long blockade from the rest of the world which showed that there was no good thing in the Soviet Union."
Nino, HR assistant, 25

"Well it may sound a bit rude but I think these events blocked the development of our country."
Khatuna, manager, 31

"Of course I remember that day and will never be able to forget it, as I was one of those Georgians who took part in fighting for our country’s freedom. I consider that it was the greatest day in our history, we were all as one man and would die for Georgia."
Ramaz, driver, 41

"I did not take part in the protest, as I was ill that day, if I had not been I would have participated. I think that April 9 is the symbol of unity for Georgians, as well as the rejection of the Soviet mentality and the fight for European values."
Tina, artist, 51

"That day has had the greatest effect on Georgia’s future. We became an independent country, which is the most important thing for any nation, I think."
Gia, architect, 65