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Monday, April 12
Ilia the Second – a person becomes a beast without belief

Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second spoke about the relations between people at the Sunday service on April 11. He said that a human becomes a wild beast without belief.

"It is not accidental that the Romans said ‘homo homini lupus est’. People must take care of each other and shoulder their burdens. This is real belief. We must try not to make a friend into a foe but turn a foe into a friend," the Patriarch stated.

Ilia the Second said that spiritual and physical labour, doing good things and sharing each others’ hardships are necessary. "We have lost our love towards people, our sympathy towards people, but I think we are not irreparable. We’ll recover by all means and acts and words will align," the Patriarch said.

Ilia the Second blessed 10 Georgian surnames and 17 schoolchildren.

Saakashvili: `Georgia is becoming part of contemporary civilization`

The new pedestrian bridge the Peace Bridge has been erected across the Mtkvari River in Tbilisi. The iron and glass construction connects the two sides of Old Tbilisi and will likely become a symbol of contemporary architecture in the Georgian capital. Along with President Mikheil Saakashvili Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava and the Italian architect of the bridge, Michele De Lucchi, attended its opening in Europe Square on Friday.

The architect said that during the last four years, he has seen some initiatives being implemented in Tbilisi which may put the Georgian capital in the list of the world`s innovator cities. Mikheil Saakashvili thanked Michele De Lucchi as well as Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava for the good work done in the city and said that all the goals the Government sets, should be successfully achieved and the Georgian capital should turn into the most beautiful European city.

"Today, on the day of the national integrity of the Georgian people, we are symbolically opening this bridge, connecting not only two riverbanks, but the present and future generations. Nobody will be able to break it down. This bridge is a symbol of Georgia's transition from the past to a better future. This is a bridge between Georgia's great history and the present time. This bridge also embodies the most important things in the concept and style of our governance - transparency, mobility, purposefulness and modernity, which conform with those of the contemporary world," Saakashvili said.

"The greatest thinker of the 20th century, Winston Churchill, once said, "We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us." Today the whole of Georgia is a construction site, contemporary Georgian architecture is being created and I would like to stress that this is not an imitation of anyone or something copied or stolen from anyone, it's just Georgia becoming part of contemporary civilization," the President said.
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Rally in support of Georgia held in Russia's Novosibirsk

A rally in support of Georgia was held in Russia's third largest city of Novosibirsk on Friday. The demonstrators assembled with red and white flags and banners saying: "No place for occupiers in Georgia". The rally was authorised. One slogan displayed read: "Khvanchkara (Georgian wine) is tastier than Putinka".

The protestors said that that reforms were being successfully carried out in Georgia. The protest rally coincided with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin`s visit to Novosibirsk. The activists met Putin with banners saying: "I want Borjomi (Georgian mineral water)!"
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Georgia sends humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan

Georgia has sent humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan consisting of different medical items, like disinfectants, antibiotics, medicines and bandages. The plane set off on Saturday evening.

The First Deputy Georgian Healthcare Minister accompanied the cargo to Kyrgyzstan. It was delivered to its intended destinations yesterday.
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Landslide blocks traffic movement in Racha region

Landslides have inflict damage on Racha region. The 111th sector of the Ambrolauri-Oni motorway is blocked. Representatives of the Department of Roads of Georgia are working at the scene and clearance work is being carried out.
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Bust of 12th-century Georgian poet unveiled in Rome

A bust of Shota Rustaveli, a Georgian poet of the 12th century and one of the greatest contributors to Georgian secular literature, has been unveiled in the Villa Borghese Park in Rome, Italy. The Georgian Minister for Culture, Monument Protection and Sport and Rome's Mayor attended the installation of the sculpture by famous Georgian sculptor and pupil of Auguste Rodin Jacob Nikoladze. A brass band played the national anthems of Georgia and Italy at the event.

Shota Rustaveli`s sculpture is the last one to be installed at Villa Borghese Park. The park (80 hectares) is known for its collection of statues of world famous persons. Rome Mayor Umberto Croppi also said that two streets in Rome will be named after Georgia and Tbilisi very soon and they will be indicated in guidebooks for tourists visiting the Italian capital.

"Personally for me, seeing Shota Rustaveli in the Villa Borghese means he is in the Mtatsminda (a pantheon of writers and public figures in Tbilisi) of the world, where the brightest intellects, the most appreciated creators are celebrated. Here we see Homer, Ovid and Goethe and from today Shota Rustaveli," Minister Nikoloz Rurua said.
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