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Do you think Kaczynskiís plane crash was an accident, a pilotís mistake or a diversion by someone?

Monday, April 12
ďItís an extremely controversial matter but I still think this accident was arranged. I definitely rule out any technical problem or something like that.Ē
Lana, student, 22

"I have no idea what others think, but I think it was a planned and well-organised assault on the President and his party. Though itís still too early to make deductions and IĎd rather pull myself from the discussion."
Nino, teacher, 29

"To my mind Kaczynskiís plane crash was a mere accident and nothing more. Of course it is very regrettable t, for the Polish people and for us as well, as he had a very friendly attitude towards our country."
Zura, sociologist, 24

"Iím almost sure that this accident was arranged by the Russians. It is just unbelievable that such important figures for the country have died together in a crash, as contingency plans for preventing such things are generally very carefully examined before flights."
Zura, economist, 29

"I definitely rule out this accident being caused by pilot carelessness or something like this. Of course it was murder, every detail of which was planned and then executed by the Russians."
Marina, broker, 50

"It is very difficult to say anything prior to a careful investigation of the fact or accuse someone after such a terrible accident, but I doubt that it was a mere crash."
Tinatin, doctor, 42

"To be absolutely fair I would say that Kaczynskiís plane crash couldnít have been the result of a simple mistake. It was such a terrible accident that it must have been planned somewhere else by quite a mighty political figure, the name of which is unknown to me."
Levan, accountant, 21

"Well I really have no words to express my condolences to the whole Polish nation. Itís unfortunate that such crashes happen so often nowadays, but this death will remain among the most serious losses in the international community for a long time to come."
Maia, teacher, 29