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What is the most common crime in Georgia and how does it influence your life?

Tuesday, April 13
"Well unfortunately crime has become quite familiar in our country. Cases of murder, robbery and even kidnapping are reported by the media almost every day. So I canít exactly specify the most widespread type of crime but the overall situation definitely has a negative influence on our everyday life, especially on the younger generations who need special care and attention."
Guliko, economist, 65

"There were criminal cases in previous years but unfortunately the situation has become worse recently. I just wonder why everything is going from bad to worse, perhaps it is due to poor living conditions. People, especially the young, spend too much time in the streets and learn all the negative aspects of life and hope to find their way by criminal activities."
Merab, swimmer, 34

"As far as I know the number of murders has exceeded all predictions. There are such small reasons people kill each other that I am afraid to even wear ordinary rings or bracelets and thus arouse interest and become a victim myself."
Maia, housewife, 51

"To my mind the most common crime at the present moment is robbery, which occurs for several reasons. Firstly, there is a serious problem of unemployment in our country and robbery is a ďsimpleĒ way of bringing something at home when you have no income. Secondly, the number of drug addicts is unfortunately increasing and these people will do anything to buy drugs."
Tamaz, social worker, 34

"The most horrible crime, murder, has become very frequent recently, and, most unacceptably, among the young generation. Just watch TV - during one information programme several murders are committed by the young and the reasons for them are nonsensical. Parents and school administrations should be very attentive towards children."
Nino, psychologist, 41

"Perhaps at first glance this is not a very serious crime, but Georgian people, especially men, are fond of having a good tine and drinking wine, and when they are drunk they sit in their cars and drive. I was a victim of such a drunken driver, but fortunately I am alive today. However, too many people are being injured or killed by drunk drivers in Georgia."
Tea, musician, 29

"In our country people have always been committing crimes but to my mind itís not only their fault. When the Government does nothing to improve the terrible situation in the country what else can an unemployed man do? He has nothing left but to go and steal something, rob other peopleís houses and commit such kind of horrible crimes. So to mind the most common crime in Georgia is robbery, though the Government's indifference towards its people isnít a less serious crime."
Kristi, student, 21

"Itís deplorable, but in Georgia almost all crimes are widespread. The most acute problem for me personally is swindling and counterfeiting. Almost every day I hear that this or that person was arrested for swindling or falsification. Thatís why we ordinary citizens should be extremely careful not to be deceived by such villains."
Tamar, teacher, 32

"Unluckily in Georgia such a wide range of different crimes exist that itís hard for me to distinguish a particular one, but the most horrible crime, which is widespread in our country, is murder. I have heard a million times how this or that person even from my neighbourhood has been killed. And of course even hearing about such incidents is a great psychological stress for a man, not to mention anything else."
Gigi, lawyer, 28

"What is the most widespread crime? Undoubtedly, it is murder, which is so frequent even among children and young people generally. Itís beyond my understanding what has made Georgian people so drastic and cold-blooded; they can kill each other without shaking hands, even for nothing. Certainly, such an unbearable situation has a disastrous influence on me and on every normal person. Because such widespread crimes take place in schools I Ďm even afraid to send my grandchildren at school."
Nona, economist, 49