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Wednesday, April 14
Saakashvili attends Nuclear Security Summit in Washington

The Nuclear Security Summit opened in Washington yesterday. U.S. President Barack Obama greeted the representatives of 47 nations who are participating in this two-day summit. The purpose of the summit is to agree an action plan for securing all countries' nuclear material within four years so that it cannot be stolen.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is in Washington this week to attend the Summit. The Russian President, who was late for the opening, found himself sitting beside Saakashvili. Obama shook hands with the Russian President after Mikheil Saakashvili. After Georgia`s 2008 war with Russia the U.S. pledged a billion dollars in humanitarian aid to Georgia, which has sent troops to both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Within the visit President Saakashvili will meet the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. He was hosted by the U.S. Congress later yesterday. (Rustavi 2)

Bank of Reconstruction to allot 100 mln to Georgia

Germany's Credit Bank of Reconstruction will allot 100 mln euro to Georgia for construction of the Black Sea high-frequency power transmission line. Minister of Finance of Georgia Kakha Baindurashvili and the interim envoy of the German Republic to Georgia Heike Gabriel signed the relevant agreement at the Ministry of Finance yesterday.

"The construction of the Black Sea high-frequency transmission line, which will connect the Georgian and Turkish power systems, is a very significant project, because via this line the export of electricity from Georgia will grow," Baindurashvili said.

25 million euro of the 100 mln is a grant and 75 million a long-term loan. (Rustavi 2)

IOC to publish final report on Kumaritashvili’s death on 19 April

Olympic officials have started studying an International Luge Federation (FIL) report into the death of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili, who was killed during a training run at the Vancouver Olympics, Reuters reports. "We received the report (from the FIL) this morning and are looking into its findings," an IOC official told Reuters on Monday.

The official did not give any details of the content of the FIL’s final report or what reasons were given for the fatal crash, the first in the sport since 1975. "We will not be making a full response until the report is published next Monday," the official said.

Kumaritashvili slammed into an exposed steel pillar during his last training run at the Whistler Sliding Centre on Feb. 12, hours before the Games' opening ceremony. (Interpressnews)

Gas bill debt payments in Tbilisi to be rescheduled

Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava and Special Manager of KazTransGas Tbilisi Ani Taktakishvili have held a press conference on rescheduling gas debt repayments from 1 April onwards. Ugulava said that City Hall and KazTransGas Tbilisi have worked out a debt rescheduling plan that will help subscribers fully cover their debts.

Those wishing to take advantage of this must address the regional distribution centres of KazTransGas Tbilisi by 14 April. After paying 20% of the debt, agreements will be made for 5 months. The debt must be paid off monthly alongside the usual payments.

Tbilisi City Hall states that this initiative will help 150,000 subscribers gradually pay off their debts and enable them to use gas. 12 million GEL is owed to KazTransGas Tbilisi. Only individuals, not factories or institutions, will be able to apply for debt rescheduling. (Interpressnews)

Man sent to prison for life for brutal murder of child

Tbilisi City Court has sentenced a man charged with the brutal murder of a child to life imprisonment. The murder occurred in July 2009.

Jemal Samadashvili kidnapped Giorgi Imerlishvili, 7, and gave his family two days to pay a ransom. The kidnapper tortured the boy and killed him by hitting him on the head with a blunt object after the family contacted the police. After the murder, Samadashvili told his son Kakha Samadashvili that he had done it and asked him to help bury the body in the yard of his block in Gardabani district.

Jemal Samadashvili was arrested by the Special Operative Department on the day of the crime. His son was arrested afterwards, when police searched his place and found a large quantity of drugs. Kakha Samadashvili has been sent to prison for 12 years.

The two did not plead guilty, however laboratory tests and records of telephone calls confirmed their guilt. (Rustavi 2)

Artist and poet Niko Gomelauri dies at 39

Artist and poet Niko Gomelauri died at dawn yesterday, aged 39. He died at home after suffering a serious illness.

Gomelauri had been unable to take part in Sunday's charity evening of the Iavnana Foundation as promised. The foundation presented a flat to three large families on his behalf. The slogan of Iavnana, ‘I want to have a warm house’ was written by Niko Gomelauri.

Gomelauri was born on 12 July, 1970. His began as an actor at the Theatre Institute.

His first book of poems was published in 2001. He published five collections in all.

Gomelauri received the Kote Marjanishvili award and the Brest and Trabzon international theatre festivals awards for best male actor. He leaves a wife and two children. (Interpressnews)