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Why did Obama invite Saakashvili to the Nuclear Summit?

Wednesday, April 14
"Well I am not very familiar with politics but I think Georgia is among the countries which supports US policy worldwide. Georgia’s engagement in international missions has made the country important for others."
Dodona, teacher, 38

"Actually I have wondered myself why Obama has invited Saakashvili to that summit and I can't think of an answer. Perhaps it's part of the so-called “big politics” which is inaccessible to ordinary people like us."
Tamuna, translator, 29

“I think he invited our President not because there is any nuclear material in Georgia but because the invitation has a political meaning. It shows the world that Saakashvili and Georgia are part of the international community and have a voice in international politics.”
Gega, lawyer, 26

“I think it is just a symbolic move. By making this invitation Obama shows his sympathy with the Georgian state. I do not think Saakashvili will make any groundbreaking statements on nuclear policy at the Summit.”
Gocha, sociologist, 32

“Actually I have no idea. Who knows what Obama has in mind? Let’s see what the outcome of Saakashvili’s meeting with Biden will be. Only after that can we discuss the reason for Saakashvili’s attendance at the Nuclear Summit.”
Lika, student, 21

"I think that with this invitation Obama wanted to underline Georgia and America's friendly relations and that Georgia is a supporter of the United States. It does not matter whether Americans like the Georgian Government or not, the most important thing for them is to have the support of the Georgian ruling forces in the Caucasus, as the present situation in the region is not very acceptable to the Americans. The only country in the region which has a definite pro- American orientation and not a Russian one is Georgia, and we are very necessary for the United States."
Nikoloz, sociologist, 51

"I am not very aware of politics, but to my mind this invitation to the summit is another demonstration of Obama's positive attitude towards Georgia and its attempt to be a real democratic country."
Tamuna, housewife, 31

"It is very difficult to make adequate evaluations of politicians’ decisions and statements, as they very seldom make truthful ones. However, we live in a very important and problematic region, the Caucasus. Powerful and influential countries have always tried to control this region, and doing this has significantly increased the power of the Governments which have. As far as I know Obama did not invite the Azeri President, supposedly because this country is more Russian than American in orientation right now. Russia’s power in the region is increasing compared to America’s and America will try to create obstacles for it, which is why having supporters in the region is very important for the United States, and one of the important supporters of the United States is Georgia."
Davit, historian, 65