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Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan natural gas cooperation

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 16
On April 13 Romania, Georgia and Azerbaijan signed a memorandum on creating a joint company, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania Interconnection, which will elaborate a feasibility study for transporting Azeri natural gas to the European Union. The memorandum was signed by Romanian Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu, Azeri Industry and Energy Minister Natik Aliev and Georgian Minister of Enegry Alexander Khetaguri.

The head office of the organisation will be in Bucharest. The initial plan is that Azerbaijani gas should be pumped to one of the Georgian Black Sea ports where it can be liquefied and be transported by boat to the Romanian port of Constanca for further transit to European consumers. The project envisages the construction of several terminals in Romania and Georgia.

The Romanian side is confident that this project can be implemented faster than NABUCCO. The estimated cost of the project is around Euro 4 billion.

Romania has committed itself to making the project a priority for the EU. Some of the liquid gas will be consumed in Romania itself.