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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Friday, April 16
GYLA demands that the debts forgiven TV companies be made public

Rezonansi reports that the Georgian Young Lawyers Association is demanding that accurate information be given about the debts of TV companies which the Government has written off. Tamar Khidasheli said that Parliament has no reasons to conceal this information.

"I can’t foresee what they will do about our demand, but I state boldly that it is legitimate. The sum of money reportedly forgiven TV companies is quite considerable. 39 million is a really significant sum and we have the right to know every detail about this. We can’t recall any President in history not making organisations pay debts to the state and keeping all the information about these debt write-offs secret," stressed Khidasheli.

Gubaz Sanikidze: We will implement a concrete plan to remove this Government

Gubaz Sanikidze states in an interview with Alia: "For a long time I have addressed my statements to the Georgian public, not the Government and opposition. We suggest that the public get involved in a new movement we are going to launch and we’ll welcome those who join us. We are also preparing to hold a national congress but we can’t give the exact date on which it will be held. Our congress will be a distinguished event at which every question will be answered. I promise that it will be held this political season.”

“Our Government has given us all kinds of promises concerning our well-being and happiness because Saakashvili is unable to control us, either those of us within the country or outside it. When the Government showed an interest in the desires our party expressed I told them that they would never be able to fulfill them. My ambition is not for any personal position but for my country to regain its former glory and power.

"We’ll endeavour to prevent Bishkek-type revolutions taking place in Georgia again as they would be prejudicial to our country. We should force the Government to call early Presidential elections as local ones will change nothing. These elections will go down in history as the biggest failure of our Government.

"However I want to stress that we have all the resources to overthrow the present Government peacefully. We had them last spring too but then the opposition parties weren't ready to use them. Fortunately things have now radically changed and we can make serious offers to our colleagues. Every detail will be revealed at our congress. We are going to implement a concrete plan and change this Government, but for now we will neither stand in the local elections nor support them," adds Sanikidze.

Salome Zourabichvili – There is a serious confrontation going on in the Government

In an interview with Kvela Siakhle Leader of the Way of Georgia Salome Zourabichvili says there is an internal confrontation within the Government.

"The Vano Merabishvili interview published in Kommersant is a perfect illustration of why Government representatives should not create problems for their own country. The present Government is playing a very dangerous game. This is a neo-Stalinist Government – Saakashvili’s inclination to build monumental bridges and structures indicates his fondness for totalitarianism.

"There is a serious internal confrontation going on within the Government, accompanied by distrust and fear. However, this unites the ruling team because they are all equally implicated in dozens of crimes. Therefore they are well aware that the internal problems are less important than their self-preservation and they will preserve their power for a short time," Salome Zourabichvili says.

Asked about her party's recent affiliation with the Alliance for Georgia, Zourabichvili says: "My decision to join the Alliance was unexpected – it was not easy to take that decision. I have said many times that I support the multi-party system but for now I am in the Alliance. We should show the international community that there is a real pro-Western alternative in the country. That is why the Government is fighting against us.

"A sharp PR campaign is being conducted by both the Government and the so-called opposition. They are saying that pro-Russian sympathies are increasing in Georgia and pro-Western ones decreasing. This propaganda is profitable for the Government as it says it is trying to bring Western values to Georgia, and others are not, and it should be supported for this reason. It is also profitable for those who visit Moscow often and we should demonstrate this. That is why it is important to take part in the elections even if we lose," Zourabichvili says.