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How reliable do you think the voters’ lists are?

Friday, April 16
"There are always some misunderstandings about the voters’ lists before elections in our country. I just wonder why this issue can’t be dealt with so that no more questions and doubts exist around this?"
Laura, pensioner, 68

"Well I think they are quite reliable. Both the CEC and the opposition parties are trying to correct all the mistakes in the lists, thus the only thing we can do is to trust them."
Nana, translator, 23

"It is already known that the voters lists contain people who are dead, over 110 years old or under 18, resident at nonexistent addresses or currently serving a prison sentence and thus ineligible to vote. Individual opposition candidates who have checked voters lists in the constituencies they are standing in have likewise discovered serious discrepancies. Therefore I think the voters’ lists are not reliable and will never be while Georgia is in the hands of the U.S.A and Russia."
Ana, economist, 26

"I do not think they are reliable, as 80,000 violations have already been found, as the CEC Chair has stated. It is unlikely that all these mistakes will be corrected by the date of the elections and this is in the interests of the present Government."
Nia, unemployed, 32

"As far as I know the rechecking process is not finished yet but based on the present situation the lists cannot be reliable. But so many people are involved in this process that they should be reliable by the time of the elections, I suppose."
Tamaz, bank employee, 29

"It is quite difficult to say anything beforehand, but everything will become obvious during the election itself. It appears that everyone, from the Government representatives to the CEC Chair and NGOs are trying to make these elections fair. The opposition is also involved in the rechecking process as far as I know so everything should be alright. Let's just wait for the results."
Gia, trainer, 45

“I state firmly that it's hard to talk about the voters' lists being reliable. I myself have been checking them for many years and know perfectly well that even dead people are listed there.”
Mamuka, teacher, 35

“Every sensible person thinks that the voters lists are bogus. Our Government stops at nothing to win elections and falsifies those damn lists every year. We should not trust them under any circumstances.”
Maia, dancer, 27

“Personally I have quite big experience in this respect as almost every year I am a coordinator and supervise the election process. That's why I'm well aware that the voters' lists are disgracefully falsified and totally unreliable.”
Nodar, sportsman, 41