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Monday, April 19
Saakashvili talks to head of Kyrgyzstan interim government by phone

Georgian President Mikheil Saakasvhili has talked on the phone with Roza Otunbaeva, Chair of the interim government of Kyrgyzstan, the official website of the Georgian President says.

Roza Otunbaeva thanked the Georgian President for the humanitarian aid rendered to Kyrgyzstan. Saakashvili promised her further assistance in different areas.

The interim government came to power following mass unrest and confrontation in Kyrgyzstan. 100 people were killed during this unrest.

Georgian Patriarch sends letter of condolences to Polish people

The Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II, has sent a letter of condolences regarding the tragedy in Smolensk in which the Polish President, his wife and senior officials of the Polish Government died in a plane crash on April 10.

"We have learned about the tragedy of the Polish people with the deepest sorrow and the greatest grief. On behalf of the Orthodox Church of all Georgia, the Georgian nation and myself, we offer our condolences to the head of the Polish Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Saba of Warsaw and All Poland, and the Polish people for the tragic death of the Governmental delegation," the letter says.
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Georgia's largest national flag erected in Tbilisi

Georgia's largest national flag was erected on Saturday in Tbilisi. The 100 square metre flag, attached to a pole 40 metres long, was raised at the entrance to the Georgian capital.

The five-cross red and white flag was made in Turkey. The Didube-Chighureti district of Tbilisi covered all the expenses of making the flag. The Chairs of the Didube-Chughureti and Dighomi districts raised it.

"At present, this is the biggest national flag in Georgia. We are pleased and proud to have a national symbol of such a scale in our district," Chair of the Didube-Chughureti district Ramaz Sulamanidze said.
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Ukrainian TV show discusses successful reforms carried out in Georgia

The reforms in Georgia and the results of them were discussed on the Velika Politika programme broadcast by the Inter-Ukrainian TV Company on Friday. Georgian Vice Premier and State Minister for European Reintegration Issues Giorgi Baramidze was among the participants of the show. He was asked about the reforms carried out in the patrol police and the Interior Ministry of Georgia.

Participants emphasised that Georgia had successfully undertaken reforms in its law enforcement structures. "82 percent of the local population trusts and respects the police now. We had nothing to lose and therefore we boldly carried out the reform, which has brought us positive results," Baramidze told Velika Politika.
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Georgian Education Minister meets principals of public schools

Minister of Education and Science Dimitri Shashkin and the Head of the Tsinandali Education Centre Rezo Apkhazava have met the principals of Tbilisi public schools. The school principals familiarised themselves with the activities of the Education Centre and discussed its future projects.

Several programmes will be implemented at the Tsinandali Education Centre. Educational weeks, exhibitions and different competitions will take place. The programme “Let’s Learn at the Museum” is one of these programmes and envisages school conducting different educational activities at the museum.

The Minister of Education and Science welcomed the initiative. He noted that visiting the museum and utilising its resources during the education process will support the intellectual development of the children. He called on other museums to launch similar projects and make education more interesting and productive.
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US Chamber of Commerce workshop in Tbilisi won’t be held

A workshop organised by the US Chamber of Commerce in Tbilisi won’t be held because of the closure of the European airspace. The guests invited to the workshop will not be able to come to Tbilisi, Interpressnews was told by a representative of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) workshop was to be held at the Courtyard Marriot today. Zurab Pololikashvili, Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, was to have participated in it.
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Body of dead actor found in elevator pit in Tbilisi

The body of a Georgian stage actor has been found in the elevator pit of an apartment block on Marjanishvili Street in Tbilisi. Deputy Director of the Sokhumi Theatre Merab Brekashvili has already confirmed this. The corpse has already been identified as that of Mikheil Tvaltchrelishvili and transported to the prosectorium.

Family members, relatives and friends of the late actor assembled on Friday at the crime scene and discussed how the murder might have happened. They ruled out that the corpse had been dropped into the pit from upper floors, as the doors of the pit were nailed up on each floor of the 14-storey building. According to a preliminary examination the actor's body has no injuries on it and he was not robbed. Therefore, family members and friends assert that Kvatchrelishvili was first murdered and then dropped into the elevator pit.

Others maintain that the actor was not killed twelve days ago, as reported, but more recently. Forensics will ascertain the actual cause and time of death in two weeks. The criminal police have already finished working at the crime scene.

Mikheil Tvaltchrelishvili disappeared 12 days ago. According to the most recent reports he went out on April 4 and had been missing since then. His mobile phone was turned off during this period. He was due to go to a rehearsal at Sokhumi Theatre on April 5 but did not appear. It was reported several days ago that he had had strained relations with the former Artistic Director of the theatre.
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