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Do you think Levan Gachechiladze has made the right decision by refusing to stand for Tbilisi Mayor?

Monday, April 19
"I think he has made the right decision. If he had stood it would have split the opposition vote more and this would only help the Government candidate."
Tamar, teacher, 34

"I am really tired of the opposition's pointless activities. I was sure they would not be able to agree on a common candidate for Tbilisi Mayor. I respect Gachechiladze, as he has done his best to achieve opposition unification, but there are significant misunderstandings and ideological differences between the opposition parties and their agreement on serious issues is unlikely."
Temur, sociologist, 51

"First of all it is good that he has made a decision, as his position has been very obscure lately and rumours have been spread. As for the decision itself, I agree with him that without a common opposition candidate trying to win the Tbilisi Mayoral elections is pointless. He has made the right decision in my opinion."
Nino, manager, 29

“During the last Presidential elections he got very good results in Tbilisi as far as I can remember. So I think he had a chance to win. I do not understand why he has decided to drop out of the race.”
Goga, lawyer, 36

“I don’t think Gachechiladze’s participation in the Mayoral Elections would have actually changed anything. The outcome of the elections is already clear – Ugulava’s chances are higher than anyone else’s.”
Lana, interpreter, 27

“It took him a while to make the final decision. I think he has thought this through. In my opinion it will be better if the opposition now unites around Alasania and his team. Only in this way can the opposition beat the National Movement’s candidate Gigi Ugulava.”
Tsitsi, teacher, 52

“I think that a joint candidate will have more chance of victory at the Mayoral elections, thus Levan’s decision is a step towards victory, but it is important to maintain unity among opposition members and make the right decisions.”
Maia, accountant, 29

“Opposition unity is important in order to defeat the Government candidate. I would fully welcome Levan being the joint opposition candidate but I appreciate his decision and wish them all success.”
Nikoloz, chemist, 24