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Azerbaijan buys Belarus tanks

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 20
Armenian General Arkady Ter-Tadevosian stated some times ago that Azerbaijan is buying obsolete tanks in Belarus, sending them to Tbilisi for renovation and then taking them to Azerbaijan. The Azeri Ministry of Defence has however denied such allegations and labelled them a provocation from the Armenian side.

Ter-Tadevosian is sure that Azeri Generals are making money by buying old Belarusian tanks. He thinks that both sides make money on the deal as Belarus is selling junk tanks. I am sure Lukashenko would not sell a normal tank, the General stated, adding that every year 3-4 tanks renovated in Tbilisi are sent from Georgia to Azerbaijan.

Military analyst from Azerbaijan Hussein Japarov suggests that the assertions of the Armenian military authorities should be treated with caution. He says that the Azerbaijani special counter intelligence service is systematically monitoring the Azeri Army and knows the real situation. There are questionable things going on but not as many as the Armenians pretend, says Japarov.