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What do you think about the forum which will be held in St. Petersburg by Alexander Ebralidze?

Tuesday, April 20
“I think the Georgian people have got tired of seeing new names and faces trying to influence others. I have no particular information about Ebralidze and I’m sure most Georgian people don't either.”
Lia, teacher, 45

“Alexander Ebralidze is a Georgian businessman living in Russia. He has been away from this country for so long. I do not have much information about his plans for our country but I think our local politicians should keep away from him. He may cause another misunderstanding between the various sides.”
Merab, geologist, 39

“Well as a far as I'm concerned Ebralidze is from Batumi and has a big ambition to become President of our country. In order to achieve this he holds congresses and invites Georgians from all over the world (let's recall the one he arranged in Sochi). As for this forum, I think it's not good for Georgia as it's an attempt to inflict Russian politics on our country but let's hope that Ebralidze's plans will never come true."
Dato, businessman, 50

"I have no idea what kind of attitude others have towards Ebralidze but I can't say anything positive about a man who stops at nothing to harm his own country and by means of such forums help the Russians occupy our country. I remember that at one of his forums Shashiashvili and other Georgians expressed their protest by leaving. Like them everyone should realise that Ebralidze and these forums bring nothing good to our country and people."
Nani, teacher, 45

“I am in informed that Ebralidze wants to become our President but to my mind he doesn't have a chance of gaining the Georgian people's support or votes. As to this specific forum, unfortunately I have no information about it but like every step taken by Ebralidze it won't be beneficial for us and can only damage Georgians.”
Veriko, painter, 25

"Well first of all I do not like this Ebralidze, I think he is just a puppet of the Russian Government and does what it orders. These kinds of meetings are part of an election campaign, as he wants to be the next President of Georgia. I do not like Saakashvili, but I would prefer the present President to that Russian marionette Ebralidze."
Nika, physicist, 34

"As far as I know Ebralidze will gather Georgian Diaspora representatives. I am not against such meetings if they will bring any positive results for Georgia, in terms of conflict regulation and so on."
Tamuna, teacher, 42

"I am not interested in politics but I cannot bear the Russian rulers or Georgians who are trying to fulfil Putin’s demands to achieve their personal goals. I think this meeting is part of a Russian plan."
Giorgi, architect, 29