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TBC Bank: unprecedented conditions for quick crediting

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 20
Consumer demand for loans is increasing day by day. The most popular loan product is a quick credit. Therefore TBC Bank, as part of its 8 Steps for Your Dreams to Come True campaign, has improved and substantially simplified the conditions for quick crediting. Today this product will become available for almost everyone.

The conditions have become more reasonable. Clients of TBC Bank do not need to pay an initial installment provided they have a positive credit history at TBC Bank. Any item purchased by such a customer will be 100% prepaid by the bank.

For those who are not yet TBC Bank customers the initial installment has been decreased in some cases. For instance only 30% of the purchase price of expensive mobile phones needs to be paid by the customer directly. The procedure for confirming quick credits has become swifter and simpler.

TBC Bank has also eased its requirements for clients previously refused credit. From now on the bank will give those people a chance to make applications for quick credits and thus purchase necessary items through TBC Bank. Despite the previous refusal the bank will study the financial condition of such a client and will consider the application.

All this means that the quick credits offered by TBC Bank will become much easier to obtain. The bank estimates that the number of customers to whom it will issue quick credits will now increase by 20%. Accordingly refusals will decrease 20%. This has become possible through applying a reliable system of adequately evaluating bank risks.

However this is still not all. Here is one further novelty: 0% crediting. TBC Bank has instituted an unprecedented scheme which gives customers the chance to buy home appliances, furniture, heating and air conditioning systems at 0% credit in a selected network of shops: Elit Electronics, Philips, Megaline and the furniture shops Chemi Sakhli, Papilloni and Chekhuri Sakhli.

There is no better offer on the market today, than the 0% credit of TBC Bank. Here are the conditions:

credit issued for 3-6 months.

amount of credit 100-3,000 GEL

initial interest 0%

minimal salary required GEL 100.