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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Wednesday, April 21
Christian Democrats hold meetings with small and medium-sized business representatives

Akhali Taoba writes that The Christian-Democrat Movement (CDM) has held meetings with small and medium-sized business owners and Economic Profile NGO representatives.

The CDM Mayoral candidate Gia Chanturia presented to the public initiatives concerning small and medium-sized businesses. ďIn Georgia the development of small and medium-sized business is the main factor determining the country's welfare and progress," he said. "If they have the management they need such businesses can function successfully. But today these businesses are unprotected in our country and to improve this situation itís necessary to create a powerful legislative base which ensures their defence and development.

"Broadening of connections with foreign finance and investment structures is also essential. Low energy tariffs directly affect the development of small and medium-sized businesses and will consequently reduce unemployment," said Chanturia.

Arrests may be related to Government split

Rezonansi reports that last week the Vake-Saburtalo Police Department arrested Police General-Mayor Erekle Koduaís brother-in-law Misha Zhorzholiani and ex-Defence Minister David Kezerashviliís friend David Benidze after they had an argument in the street. The pair were sentenced to two months in jail. Head of the Interior Ministryís Analytical Department Shota Utiashvili confirmed this but asserted that the reason for their arrest was that they resisted the police officers. He said that the consumption of narcotics was not involved.

The newspaper states that itís difficult to say whether the arrest of the senior policeman's relative is somehow connected to a disagreement within the Government. However, it intensifies public suspicion. People suppose that two groups of Government members are opposing each other.

Media analyst Ia Antadze believes that a serious split in the Government has been caused by the forthcoming elections and the power sharing these will engender. Antadze maintains that the TV stations have also been shared out.