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How would you assess your/your family's economic situation?

Wednesday, April 21
“We are neither poor nor rich. We can afford normal nutrition, however we can’t afford to go out to the restaurants. Considering the general situation in the country, I think I have no reason to complain.”
Natia, lawyer, 25

“After the terrible years of civil war and unrest, when there were no jobs, no electricity, no food, now I think my family lives in much better conditions. However, of course I wish our life was better. I want to give my children a normal education, but I don’t think we will be able to pay for university.”
Lia, teacher, 42

“Not dying of hunger does not mean living normally. I am a pensioner and my pension is not enough to buy the basic medicines I need every day. I feel uncomfortable asking my son to buy me those medicines so often. I would never have thought that in my last years I would have to count every single tetri I spend.”
Medea, pensioner, 76

"I do not like my family’s economic condition at the present moment. My mother is a teacher and her salary is not very high for the work she does daily. Her job is very labour-consuming. As for my father, he is an Army Colonel and at the present moment unemployed with a very low pension, about GEL 80, due to some changes in the law. I am a student, I want to work somewhere, but there are no appropriate jobs where students can work and study together."
Natia, student, 19

"Only the President’s Ministers and some other influential politicians or businessmen enjoy good economic conditions in Georgia. I can hardly find any ordinary citizen who is satisfied with his economic condition. Costs are very high, European, but salaries and wages low, not European. The economic situation is really very bad in the country and I go mad when somebody says on TV that Georgia is progressing and there are no serious problems in the country."
Dato, engineer, 35

"I can call my family’s economic condition normal. I am a doctor and my income is absolutely enough for me, and my husband also works; my sons have their families and jobs as well, but, unfortunately, there are many families in Georgia who have to live in totally unacceptable economic conditions."
Tina, doctor, 56

"As we know, unfortunately in Georgia there are not very favourable economic conditions. 70-80% of the Georgian population lives in poverty and unbearable conditions. As for my family and I, we live neither in hardship nor in wealth. But the majority of Georgians are poor and can’t afford to satisfy their basic requirements. Therefore I think our Government must do something about this."
Mari, student, 21

"Well, I don’t think anyone is really interested in my economic situation but as you have asked, I will answer directly: I live in terrible conditions and can hardly manage to get my daily bread. But unfortunately not only I live like this. My neighbours and almost everyone I talk to live like me - in poverty. In Georgia only a very small minority can call their economic condition satisfactory and unfortunately no one knows when this horrible situation will improve. As for me I can’t see any prospect of it yet!"
Naili, teacher, 59

"What can I say about my family’s economic situation? Presumably it’s satisfactory but to my mind it should be more than just satisfactory, as my wife and I work day and night but here no one appreciates it. My relatives who have emigrated to foreign countries have been working hard there like us and have achieved much more than we have. Unluckily, in Georgia worthy and cultured people live in poverty. In general our social circumstances may be described as terrible!"
Kakha, doctor, 35

"Well I think I have an average income. I do actually work but as I have two small children I spend more than I earn during the month, which is embarrassing."
Khatuna, economist, 32

"I am an intern now and thus I have a small salary, but I used to earn more as a full-time staff member. My husband has a job though, which enables me to do almost the same things as I did when I was full-time. I can buy food and clothes and go to the cinema or theatre, but still I lack my own money."
Nino, intern, 25