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NABUCCO project might face extra challenges

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, April 22
It appears that Azerbaijan wants to delay the exploitation of the second stage of the Shah Deniz gas field until 2017. Reuters states that the major reason for this delay is the fact that no gas price agreement has been reached with Turkey. There has not been a final decision on constructing NABUCCO either.

Against this background Baku and Ankara are continuing negotiations on the price of gas consumed by Turkey and transported through Turkey. Shah Deniz 2 exploitation has been delayed for all these reasons, Vice President of the Azeri state oil company Vitaly Beglarbekov has stated.

The EU has given Azerbaijan a key role in providing gas for NABUCCO. The second important supplier for this project is supposed to be Turkmenistan. The EU hopes that the decision to construct NABUCCO will be made before the end of 2010 and it is promoting this project as a possible means of reducing EU dependence on Russian energy.

Some analysts think that if Baku refuses to supply NABUCCO Europe will consider accepting Iranian gas though Armenia. There are therefore many controversies and possible complications concerning NABUCCO and Russia is the main beneficiary of the current uncertainty.