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How will Georgian-American relations further develop?

Thursday, April 22
“I think we should not wait for any major changes to happen. Relations will stay as they are - stable and friendly. I do not think that the Governments of the two states will want to change anything much.”
Tina, lecturer, 36

“As the USA wants to reduce the influence of Russia in the Caucasus relations between the US and Georgia should develop more and more. Actually I would like to see this development reflected in simplified visa procedures for example.”
Shota, IT, 27

“It is very hard to predict. In my opinion everything depends on the USA. If it decides to improve relations with Russia Georgia will be removed from the priority list and pushed into the background.”
Alexandre, historian, 65

“Well actually I have never thought about this before. It is natural that Georgia wants to integrate with NATO and it needs support from the US most of all. I welcome this but I doubt it will be possible to achieve all our goals in the near future – there are so many problems to be dealt with in our country.”
Maia, painter, 44

“Oh, this is one of my favourite issues which I used to think over during my university studies. I have always welcomed Georgia’s engagement in international summits and forums, which I think will lead us to successful integration in global institutions.”
Anna, interpreter, 28

“On the basis of the information spread daily by the media I would say that the situation is becoming more interesting as the two sides are having frequent and intensive consultations. I think Georgia will become a full member of the international community in a couple of years with the support of such great countries as the US.”
Beka, student, 20

"I think that no significant changes can be expected in Georgian-American relations. America needs Georgia, as some kind of base in such a strategic region as the Caucasus is very much needed for the United States, and Georgia needs America because of the Russian threat."
Giorgi, sociologist, 41

"In my opinion the former President of the United States was more interested in Georgian issues than the present one. America is trying to improve relations with Russia and trying not to irritate the Russian ruling forces too much, which is why Obama attempts to maintain a balance."
Keti, doctor, 51

"Well it is very difficult to say, as political relations and situations are very changeable. I suppose that we will be friendly and there will be promises and more verbal assistance from the United States. This kind of relationship is acceptable but will not bring any serious positive change, such as the reintegration of the lost territories."
Giga, historian, 32