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Monday, April 26
Saakashvili gives interview to CNN

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has talked about the current reforms in Georgia in an interview with CNN. He was the latest guest in the I-List series of programmes about Georgia broadcast on CNN International.

The anchor of the I-List programme, Jim Clancy, talked to Saakashvili about reforms in Georgia and relations with Russia. Saakashvili said that Georgia has a right to move forward in accordance with its capabilities and dignity. As for relations with Russia, Saakashvili said that Georgia would be the last country which did not want to have normal relations with its neighbour, because one must be fool to wish a confrontation with such a great state as Russia.

"Not a single Georgian wants it, but at the same time every Georgian wants to live in a free, democratic, independent and open society,” Saakashvili said, adding that during the past five years, more and more emigrants have returned. "We have seen economic progress, but we are not a rich state yet”, said Saakashvili.

Georgian Constitutional Commission discusses draft Constitutional Law

Working groups of the Georgian Constitutional Commission discussed the latest draft Constitution on Friday. The commission members also outlined the appendices and amendments which will be added to the Georgian Constitution.

In the latest draft the form of governance will be completely changed, the President`s rights will be restricted and Parliament's role increased. The President will be deprived of the right to call elections, the position of Prime Minister will be abolished and the post of Vice President will be introduced.
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Security Police donate blood

On April 23 Security Police staff donated blood to the “Blood Bank” at Ljubljana Str. 2/6. The action will assist those people who need blood and even a tiny donation from the Security Police will give them a chance to live longer.

”Donating blood is a very kind gesture and the Security Police is more than happy to have the chance to take part in such an action and lend a hand to those people who really need it,” Anna Arzanova, Head of the Security Police Public Relations Service, told The Messenger on April 23.

More than 50 employees donated blood. The Security Police plans to organise similar events in the future as well.
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Manufacturers of fake lemonade detained in regions of Georgia

Two enterprises manufacturing fake lemonade have been discovered in the Imereti and Kakheti Regions. Representatives of the Investigative Department of the Finance Ministry detained Shovel Tchovelidze in the village of Zegaani and Merab Bregadze in the city of Kutaisi. Both detainees had handmade equipment for manufacturing drinks at their homes.

According to experts their drinks were being prepared in violation of technological standards and were dangerous to human life.
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Minister of Culture meets Georgian composers

The Minister of Sports, Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Nikoloz Rurua, met Georgian composers yesterday and discussed several new projects. Nika Rurua said that the Ministry would organise events aimed at popularising the new compositions of Georgian composers, support the publication of three new issues of the magazine Music and organise a chamber music composition competition.

The Minister also said that the Ministry had established two new prizes, for The Best Musical Composition and the Best Academic Work on Music.
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