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Do you think it is a good idea to have security guards in schools?

Tuesday, April 27
"To my mind this is an extremely debatable question. I know lots of people who are against establishing a security guard system in schools but I can’t really understand why they have such an unreasonable position. As for me, I'm completely sure that security guards will bring only positive results, as first of all they will prevent children committing crimes at schools and that is so necessary nowadays. So I stress that having security guards at schools isn’t only a good idea but extremely essential for our children’s safety."
Nino, artist, 30

"As far as I’m concerned security guard system is widely used in foreign countries and it will be wise if our Government also hires specially trained people to control our children and their behaviour. I personally will be more tranquil if this happens and won’t worry that my child will become a victim of other pupils' unacceptable behaviour. So I really think that by having security guards at schools we will have one problem less."
Giorgi, writer, 45

" I know many support this idea but I can’t understand what we need those security guards for. Why should our schools have the extra expense whereas children may be easily controlled by other methods, by teacher’s vigilance for instance? Yes, I have heard those rumours about children committing crimes at schools but still I maintain that security guards can’t resolve this problem. If a child is ill-natured, he may still go and harm his classmate outside school territory."
Tea, student, 20

"Today different crimes are so widespread in schools that from my point of view the Government should undoubtedly take definite measures to improve the situation. I think that having security guards at schools is a really good decision as specially trained people will undoubtedly manage to keep children under control and prevent them committing terrible crimes."
Misha, scientist, 58

“I will feel safer letting my son go to school if I know that there are guards there. I do not know if they will be as effective as is being portrayed by the Government, but I think they will still have some positive effect. I think it is a good idea.”
Nana, dentist, 41

“In my opinion it is better to care about the education system and textbooks than security guards. In most schools in the regions classes are not being held and pupils are outside in the yard. If pupils know that they should attend lessons they will not have time to fight each other so no guards will be needed.”
Asmati, housewife, 55

“I would be very delighted if there were security guards at the school my children attend. I am always nervous before my kids return home from school. I would feel calmer if I knew there are some people at school watching their safety.”
Lali, office manager, 35

“Well in my opinion it is very good idea, as parents would be calmer about their children. Security guards at schools mean more safety.”
Nestan, 45, housewife

“I don't think it's a good idea, because school is not a prison!”
Beka, student, 19