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Wednesday, April 28
Georgia and Jordan sign agreement on closer cooperation

Ties between Amman and Tbilisi took centre stage on Monday as Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri arrived in Jordan for a one-day official visit. During his visit to the Hashemite Kingdom, the first by a Georgian premier, Gilauri and Prime Minister Samir Rifai discussed the means to enhance economic cooperation.

At the political level, Gilauri said the two sides support each other on international issues, adding that Georgians believe that the Arab-Israeli conflict must be solved through negotiations. Gilauri, who was accompanied by an economic team, said that his meetings with Jordanian officials offered an opportunity to discuss cooperation in various areas.

The sides agreed to discuss simplified visa regimes and direct air communication between the two countries in the near future. The Georgian delegation also held meetings with Arab business figures who plan to make investments in several sectors in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

CSD finds harmful meat products, arrests importers

Officers of the Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of the Interior, as a result of operative-investigative activities, have detained Director of Samgori Food Ltd. Davit Tchubabria and his employee Paata Murmanidze. The detainees allegedly imported a large quantity of frozen meat unfit for use from the Republic of China and managed to get it through customs clearance with forged documents.

The offence carries a term of imprisonment of up to 7 years. The case is being investigated by employees of the Constitutional Security Department. (Rustavi 2)

Eggs thrown at Speaker in Ukrainian Parliament

Several lawmakers walked out of the Ukrainian Parliament as a smoke bomb was thrown, but hearings on ratifying a controversial naval base deal with Russia continued, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported on Tuesday. The Ukrainian opposition, which called the deal an ‘act of treason,’ had earlier threatened to disrupt the vote.

The hearings started with a brawl, and eggs were thrown at the Parliament Speaker, who continued with the session. A total of 211 lawmakers registered for the session, less than the simple majority in the 450-seat Parliament required to ratify the deal.

Vadym Kolesnichenko, a lawmaker for the pro-Presidential Party of Regions, read a ruling from Sevastopol City Council supporting the ratification of the deal. Opposition members shouted in an attempt to disrupt his speech. The rostrum was guarded by lawmakers from the Party of Regions.

Clashes between police and protestors took place outside the Rada, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported. Ex-President Viktor Yushchenko and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko were present at the session.

The deal, signed by the Russian and Ukrainian Presidents on April 21, extends the lease on a Russian base in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol for 25 years after the current lease expires in 2017. The lease may be extended by another five years subsequently. In return, Ukraine will receive a 30% discount on Russian natural gas. (Interpressnews)

Dimitry Lortkipanidze says refugees in Gori are in hard conditions

Opposition Deputy Dimitry Lortkipanidze says refugees in Gori live in hard conditions and is asking for rapid aid from the Minister of Refugees and Accommodation.

Lortkipanidze stated at the plenary sitting of Parliament yesterday that he had received letters from 64 families who are in critical conditions. He spoke about refugee from Abkhazia Elliso Berulava, who has two small children. One of them is an invalid, but the family is registered in a garage. Lortkipanidze asked Koba Subeliani to immediately respond to this. (Interpressnews)

Georgians in Denmark to hold protest at Medvedev’s visit

The Georgian Diaspora in Denmark plans to hold a protest action concerning Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to Denmark, Prime-News was informed by the administration of the State Minister for Diaspora Issues.

”On April 27 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will visit Denmark. Unfortunately I learned this only today. Despite the short notice the Georgian Diaspora has received permission to hold a protest action in front of the Russian Embassy in Denmark.

"The Georgian Diaspora considers that the unity of the Caucasian and Georgian people is necessary in order to express a joint protest against Russia’s aggressive actions in the Caucasus region”, says the letter, sent by Head of the Georgian Diaspora in Denmark Rususdan Gogoberidze to the State Minister’s administration. (Prime-News)