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How will Georgian-Ukrainian relations develop?

Thursday, April 29
"First of all we should wait and see how the situation in Ukraine will go, as there is quite a strained situation in this country at present. I think our relations will not be as close as they were during Yushchenko’s period however."
Nika, historian, 35

"Well in my opinion the Ukrainian people made a great mistake when they elected Yanukovich as it is obvious that he does what the Russians want and does not act in the country’s national interest. He has a pro-Russian orientation while Georgia is going towards Europe and this difference will negatively affect our relations I think."
Giorgi, scientist, 41

"To my mind nothing positive in our relations is possible while Yanukovich is President of Ukraine. This is negative for Ukrainians as well."
Gia, student, 21

"I think they won't develop any further or they will develop in line with relations with Russia."
Nino, economist, 28

"The situation between the two countries has become a bit complicated as far as I’m concerned, so I can’t give specific opinions about this issue."
Maia, painter, 43

“In my opinion our relations will be of the same kind as those with Russia, unfortunately, because Yanukovich is the Russian Government’s agent.”
Luka, designer, 28

“I think that by diplomatic means both countries will be able to maintain the positive relations of before. Yanukovich is pro-Russian but I do not think this will influence Ukraine-Georgia relations in the future.”
Giorgi, student, 19

“It is obvious that we will not have such warm relations with our friendly country at least while Saakashvili is in power. Yanukovich is under Putin’s influence and this is quite clear. Whoever is under Russia’s influence will not be Georgia’s good friend.”
Kakha, driver, 52

“With wise policy and good diplomacy we will be able to stay neutral and not strain relations. Our nations have good relations with each other and we do not want an extra enemy in our neighbourhood.”
Maka, housewife, 43