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Have you actually met any of the Mayoral candidates, and if so, what did they say to you?

Friday, April 30
"Well actually I haven’t met any of the candidates ever in my life, but I wonder what their promises might mean if they wouldn’t ensure their implementation?"
Irina, actress, 25

“Yes, I have met Gigi Ugulava and I can say honestly that everything he told me was very good, but let’s see whether he will do it after he becomes Mayor! I do not trust any politician, I think they are all liars but if I am wrong it will be very good.”
Natela, housewife, 35

"I have not had the opportunity to meet them but I would like to as there is great difference between listening to some politician on TV and having the chance to ask him something you are interested in privately."
Nino, musician, 32

"I met Gigi Ugulava when he met Gldani residents. I myself could not manage to ask him anything, as there were too many people and almost all of them were trying to tell him something or ask him something. My neighbours told him that we do not have a park nearby where children can play and he promised that we will have one very soon. I suppose he will keep this promise."
Nino, doctor, 42

"I met Zviad Dzidziguri and asked him about the National Council’s visits to Moscow. To begin with I was irritated by their trips but when he explained to me the necessity of normalising relations with Russia I changed my mind. I think he is the most reliable Mayoral candidate."
Guram, student, 21

“I have no time to listen to their lies every day. They only talk and in the end do nothing for us. The election campaign is merely a way to mislead people.”
Tea, cardiologist, 27

“I have not met any of them yet. But actually I would like to see them and ask if they are really going to do what they are promising, or follow the example of previous Mayors?”
Nana, housewife, 40

“I would like the elections to be over as soon as possible. An election period in Georgia is just unbearable. I do not like the city being made so ugly by all these posters of smiling candidates.”
Maiko, student, 19