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New Russia-Armenia railway connection plans

By Messenger Staff
Monday, May 3
Shevket Shaydullin, Director General of South Caucasus Railways, the former Armenian Railways which is now a daughter company of Russian Railways, has stated that in the coming 3-5 years the railway connections between Armenia and Russia via Georgia and Azerbaijan might be restored and start functioning. He added that this depends on political decisions but expressed the hope that this dream will come true.

South Caucasus Railways was given to Russian Railways for 30 years, with a possible prolongation of this agreement for 20 more years, in 2008. Russian Railways undertook a commitment to invest more than USD 500 million in the development of the company, and even more if the railway connections to Turkey are restored. Russian Railways will invest over USD 1.5 billion if the route through Azerbaijan is also restored, and if the railways run through Georgia and Abkhazia the investment will be even greater, over USD 2 billion.