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USD 3 billion for water supply

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 4
The Georgian authorities declare that around USD 3 billion will be spent on completely restoring the drinking water supply and sewage system for the entire country. Today more than 70% of the inhabited areas of the country are facing an acute shortage of drinking water and sewage disposal problems.

Director of the Georgia’s United Water Supply Company Irakli Kvashilava has stated that the country will receive money from different sources. Negotiations are being held with the European Investment Bank, Asian Development Bank and EBRD. Kvashilava says that the water and sewage system in Georgia is in the same condition as the energy system was in 2003-2004, when there was no proper electricity system in the country. After consistent and properly organised work the situation improved and now the entire country has an electricity supply, and the Government has now taken on a commitment to bring the drinking water and sewage system up to the same level.

Some analysts are concerned however that improving the water supply and sewage system will eventually lead to an increase in tariffs, which will not of course be much appreciated by the population. But if you want comfort you have to pay for it.