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Moscow trying to bypass Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 4
Russia hopes to gain entry to the World Trade Organisation by bypassing Georgia. For 14 years it has tried in vain to join WTO as Georgia has continually vetoed its membership. Now The Kremlin is attempting to join it through the Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia customs union, which could join as a union without Russia having to join as an individual country.

For several years Georgia has demanded that Russia establish a customs check point with Georgia on the separatist-controlled territories and refrain from economic cooperation with the separatist regimes. As Russia has now recognised the separatist regions as independent states in defiance of international law and Georgia’s internationally acknowledged sovereign borders, Georgia will obviously continue to veto all attempts by Moscow to enter the organisation, even in a disguised manner.

Georgian analysts believe that Russia will not be able to enter WTO as under the WTO charter organisation wishing to enter, like any country, must be accepted unanimously by the existing members. Any country can exercise the right of veto.