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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Tuesday, May 4
Koba Davitashvili: we wonít give in this time

People's Party leader Koba Davitashvili has said in an interview with Kronika, ďI am not going to appeal to people to demonstrate at this time. But if the elections are disgracefully rigged, as the Presidential elections were, we will undoubtedly hold rallies.

"The demonstrations launched by us will be held to protect peopleís votes and to achieve this aim weíll fight till our last breath. We wonít make the same mistake and wonít let people go home as easily as we did at the Hippodrome. This time we will get together, surround the state institutions on Rustaveli Avenue and not give in under any circumstances. When we stopped demonstrating without showing great resistance we ended up with truly horrible results: we lost our territory and our countrymen were killed in the Russian-Georgian conflict. So now we are not going to give in, and the Government should know it. But if the violence ceases and the elections arenít falsified the demonstrations wonít take place.

"We did not discuss our plans in Russia as there was no need to do this. To fulfil them all we need is opposition consolidation," states Davitashvili.

"Unfortunately opposition unity is the most acute problem for us today. If the opposition canít stand together there is only one thing we can do: turn the National Council into the main opposition bloc. I believe that Zviad Dziziguri, unlike me, is very promising and has a great chance to gain the publicís support," says Davitashvili.

Christian Democrats want a press association

In an interview with Kviris Palitra Leader of the Christian Democrats Giorgi Targamadze talks about the media sector and related problems.

"The Government has often assured us that the print media isn't under any threat in Georgia, but I want it to face reality and see what is happening in the TV space. After the Rose Revolution they tried to blindfold us and maintained that nothing would impede independent broadcasting in Georgia, but as we can see this is not the case.

"I am not talking about a hypothetical danger. I am drawing attention to what has taken place already. Everything which has happened in the TV stations will eventually happen in the print media. Only the methods will be different, slightly. To prevent any questions being asked about the print media being pressurised the Government should necessarily support a press association being established. Our print media must stand on its own two feet and not be kept in obvious terror.

"The Christian Democrats have supported the establishment of a press association and have presented this idea to the Government as a legislative initiative, as this is necessary for the country's proper development," Targamadze says.