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Which opposition candidates have the most attractive programme?

Tuesday, May 4
“Well in my opinion Alasania. This does not mean that I like him but I want to be objective. However I hope that Ugulava becomes Mayor again. He is the best Mayor there has ever been in Tbilisi.”
Neli, 46, teacher

“I admit that I don’t have great hope for the opposition, as they all just keep talking and talking without end. First they make charming promises but when it comes to doing work… we can all see that after coming to power they will be able to do almost nothing. I can’t say what others think but from my viewpoint only a crack-brained person can state that the water supply can be absolutely free. Anyhow, I think Ugulava is still the most promising candidate because he has already done something for our country.”
Mzia, 54, biologist

“It’s beyond dispute that the Christian-Democrats have presented the most attractive programme to the public. Low tariffs on gas and electricity, water completely free. What more can a man wish for? So my great desire is to have Chanturia as Mayor and see how he keeps his word and make his promises reality.”
Kote, barman, 25

"Gigi Ugulava has the most attractive programme, as he launched his campaign long before his official nomination. He has more resources for holding an effective campaign than the other candidates."
Nino, economist, 41

"Well to tell the truth I do not like any of the candidates' campaigns. I do not think saying bad things and accusing opponents is effective or useful. Perhaps Ugulava refrains from making strong statements about his opponents but Government representatives are doing it and he is the Government candidate."
Gia, trainer, 51

"Gia Chanturia and Gigi Ugulava. I think other candidates' campaigns are less attractive. I do not say that I would vote for Ugulava or Chanturia, but a proper election campaign is important for achieving goals I think, though perhaps other candidates have no material resources for this."
Tea, housewife, 32

"Well actually I have been living abroad for ages but am now staying in Tbilisi, my hometown. Unfortunately I can’t name even one of the opposition candidates yet. But there is one thing I generally appreciate in a person, and it is loyalty, loyalty to his country, people, obligations, etc. If any of the candidates has this feature I will vote for him, so I will find out about each of them."
Helen, actress, 24

"I haven't read any of their programmes, but from the advertisements Ugulava seems to have the most attractive and subtle programme."
Nodar, chess player, 27