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Which do you think is more important at election time, a profound leader or a strong team?

Wednesday, May 5
"I think both are very important and related to each another. When somebody is a good leader and has a strong team he has a greater chance of winning elections. Even if you are an excellent leader, if you do not have the right team it reduces your chances of winning, as if one of the team commits some illegal or inappropriate act this reflects on the leader as well."
Davit, computer programmer, 32

"A profound leader to my mind, as if someone has good leadership characteristics, he will be able to influence the team and make them do what is necessary. If there is no good leader, there is no good team, I think. First of all, the leader wins the elections."
Nodar, historian, 52

"Both, I think. One man cannot do much alone, that is why a team is very much needed, especially during the elections, when so many things need to be done. But a good leader should select his team members sensibly."
Lika, student, 21

"A profound leader of a strong team sounds brilliant, but Iím afraid this is so unfamiliar in Georgia, as everyone tries to persuade people during their election campaigns without really caring about the peopleís needs."
Lali, doctor, 45

"This is a really interesting question but unfortunately there are neither profound leaders nor strong teams in our country. Georgia has become the land of politicians who have no particular idea about politics and try to follow some unwise rules by violating human rights. People need attention and support from the authorities and public figures to create a situation in which anyone can understand that no victory is possible without the ordinary peopleís support."
Mamuka, scientist, 57

"I think it is more important to have a profound leader in Georgia, but in general a strong team is the way to success."
Nino, economist, 25