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IPRM meeting ends with no results

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 6
Another round of Incidents Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings in Gali between the Georgian, the de facto Abkhazian and the Russian authorities ended with no results on Wednesday. The Georgian side raised the issue of simplifying movement procedures for the local population at the administrative border, the head of the Georgian delegation, Interior Ministry Spokesperson Shota Utiashvili said. “The Georgian side could not get any concrete response on the issue from the other participant parties,” he told journalists after the meeting.

According to Utiashvili, the Georgian officials handed the video materials showing the facts of illegal border crossing by the Russian citizens and the footage of Georgian air space violation cases by Russia as well. In particular, Utiashvili noted that a month ago a Russian border police boat entered Georgian waters and a Russian helicopter entered Georgian air space. No comments were made by the de facto and the Russian officials immediately after the meeting.

The next round of Incidents Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings will be held on May 25.