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Compiled by Keti Baramidze
Thursday, May 6
The ď42nd article of the ConstitutionísĒ report to the Government

24 Saati writes that on the basis of the International and Public defenderís research the organization ď42nd article of the constitutionĒ announced that in Georgia Press independence deteriorated to a great extent in 2009. During the conference held by the organization today the hoax kronika broadcast was used as a visible example of press independence violation.

We want to remind our Government once more that no democratic state can exist if there isnít an independent press. Thatís why we require from our authorities that they cease interfering in our journalists work. In addition to this the government should investigate all attempts of breeching journalistsí rights and react adequately on the International and local organizationsí conclusions describing the present unbearable situation which exists in our media.

Okruashvili is not wanted any more

Rezonansi writes that the name of ex Defence Minister Irakli Okruashvili (who now is in France as a political refugee) was removed by Interpol from the list of people whom they are looking for. So the international list involving names from the Shevardnadze epoch, like Abashidze, Gotsiridze, Mamaladze, Giorgadze and others doesnít contain the name of Okruashvili any more.

The scandal in the Constitutional Committee

Rezonansi reports that the State Constitutional Committee will make a decision concerning the Constitutional Project in the near future. However, this matter is not likely to end without a great scandal. Even more, the Committee chairperson may leave the post in protest.

The fact is that the Constitutional Committee hasnít been able to come to an agreement about the way State government is to be organized. This Committee was formed exactly for this purpose, to define more precisely the balance of powers between the branches of Government.

According to unofficial information the Government rejected the draft worked out by the Committee chairman Avtandil Demetrashvili. Lately Vasil Gonashviliís project which radically opposes the parliament republic model and strengthens the presidentís authority has also come out.

ďSoon the ultimate decision will be made but the problem is the following: In the presidentís Constitutional Committee the situations is becoming more and more strained. On May 7 a meeting will be held to discuss the various options presented to the Constitutional Committee. Though 56 members of the committee havenít reached a consensus, Avtandil Demetrashvili has been quoted as saying that unless my proposal is discussed, I canít imagine myself in my post again.

The Committee chairperson himself canít anticipate whether Demetrashviliís project will be considered. Though taking the present information into account, the choice undoubtedly wonít be made in favour of power balancing and what Saakashvili will tell to the Georgian and International community to defend himself is difficult to foretell as the only aim of the abovementioned committee originally was to devise a way to balance the government branches and nothing more.