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Friday, May 7
Patriarch attended opening of a new church in Tbilisi

A new orthodox church has been opened in Dighomi district of Tbilisi, yesterday. Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, Ilia II blessed the new church and congratulated the worshipers on the day of Saint Giorgi.

`I congratulate you on the Day of Saint Giorgi, which is the Saint Saviour for Georgia. This is a marvellous church, which was constructed in Tbilisi and I want to bless the architect and the constructors,` His Holiness announced.

The church was under construction for two years. The construction was funded by Tbilisi government and the worshipers. (Interpressnews)

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili Met Designer Roberto Cavalli

The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili received the famous designer Roberto Cavalli in the President’s palace today. Roberto Cavalli arrived in Georgia to attend Tbilisi fashion week that will be opened tomorrow.

“ We held fashion week several weeks before. We are still holding this kind of ceremony and I hope we will make Tbilisi the capital of fashion in this part of the world. It is worth mentioning that you have a lot of fans in Georgia. There are many talented creators here . Our country is distinguished with ancient cultural inheritance,”- the President of Georgia said while speaking with the famous designer.

Roberto Cavalli estimated the President’s plural clothes . He noted that the President was dressed respectably.

“ It is great pleasure for me to be here and do something in the new situation. I brought my creative work in the cinema style to Los Angeles. Being here is also searching something new for me,”- The designer noted.

The President of Georgia was gifted the blanket created by the designer Roberto Cavalli.

“ I don’t have time to sleep, therefore I will hang it on the wall, “ - he noted. (President’s Press Centre)

Mikheil Saakashvili’s Visit to Vatican Scheduled for 7 May

The President’s administration is not specifying the date of Mikheil Saakashvili’s visit to Vatican.

The French news agencies have released information regarding Saakashvili’s’ visit to Vatican.

According to the news agencies, the visit is planned for 7 May. The Georgian President will meet Pope Benedict XVI face to face. (Interpressnews)

CEC has renewed its website

Central Election Commission has presented its new bilingual website. The site has several pages intended for the election administration, voters, media, and political parties. A separate page will be opened for publishing the results of the elections in the country. The site has FAQ division and contact information, including hotline and the online operator. (Rustavi 2)

Education Minister congratulates respected teacher on St. George’s Day

Minister of Education and Science, Dimitri Shashkini visited the merited teacher of Tbilisi Public School #203, Mr. George Zubiashvili at home, wished him a happy St. George’s Day and presented with different gifts. The Minister congratulated on St. George’s Day all teachers, particularly the men named George and wished them success.

Trainees of Mr. Zubiashvili are the Children With Special Needs. The merited teacher has been working for 30 years at school for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. George Zubiashvili gives them classes in art and sports. He is also the Head of choreography group. His trainees took the first place in many festivals. Mr. Zubiashvili is the holder of Medal of Honor and many diplomas and rewards.

Experienced teacher has his own skills and methodology that are necessary to work with the Children of Special Needs. Besides his age, he continues working and systematically observes the process and supports the ongoing reforms. The innovation loving teacher is involved in research and tries to enrich his own teaching method with innovations.

The Minister of Education and Science thanked the respected teacher for his productive pedagogic activities and wished him a long life. Dimitri Shashkini noted the most important is to remember and respect merited teachers. (Rustavi 2)

HSBC launches seminars for Georgian businessmen

HSBC has launched seminars for Georgian businessmen within the agreement signed by Georgian Ministry of Economic Development and the HSBC a few days ago. Within the agreement, a special academy has been formed where the businessmen will be trained. The first seminar was opened by the Minister of Economic Development Zurab Pololikashvili at the Courtyard Marriot today.

The document stipulates beginning of trainings and formation of online instruments for those businesses, which plan to grow their trade and commercial activities abroad.

The lectures are delivered by the head of the HSBC Europe Region`s International Trade Financing. Representatives of over 60 organizations, which are involved in international trade, are attending the seminar. (Rustavi 2)