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Complied by Salome Modebadze
Friday, May 7
The promise that Nationals didn’t keep to Alasania

Akhali Taoba draws attention to the relations between Irakli Alasania and the Government in an article by Tea Markhvaidze, called “What was the promise that the National Party didn’t keep to Alasania?” According to information released by Akhali Taoba, there was a secret agreement between the two sides. The Government had promised Alasaia a good deal in case of neutralizing the April rallies; The Nationalists would have presented a week candidate if Alasania could have managed to feeble the protest mood. Akhali Taoba advised its readers that Alasania had been the first who started talking about the dialogue with the Government, held negotiations and met Davit Bakradze during the April rallies. Akhali Taoba supposes that Gigi Ugulava’s nomination as the candidate was followed by Alasania’s sharp reaction and stated that Saakashvili and Merabishvili fought with him through Ugulava. Akhali Taoba supposes that Alasania’s star has started to rise after he started making sharp statements and says that several rumors about Alasania are planned to be spread these days.

Pre election “special operation” in Mestia

Versia’s attention is focused on Zugdidi and Mestia. In an article, called “Pre election special operation in Mestia” Paata Lagvilava talks about the facts of pressure of the police and regional administration authorities on the opposition candidates. As for Nana Pazhava’s article - “There is such a situation that I can’t make sense who from the Government and who – from opposition” – tells stories about Zugdidi and the local people’s complaints. It’s important to say that opposition MP Jondi Baghaturia had mentioned the issue concerning Mestia at the Parliament Meeting a couple of days ago. He said that the Special task Groups had illegally captured opposition representatives, participating at the local self-government elections the day before and added that one of them was even forced to refute his decision.

“I hope people won’t allow Saakashvili held a parade on May 26”

Kvela Siakhle released an interview with Levan Gachechiladze, leader of Defend Georgia. “If Merabishvili forgot what happened on May 6 last year, we will remind him how people were treated in the cruelest way. We plan a protest rally on this very day. As for the past May 26 and the white stadium full of people, preceded by the pre war May 26, when the so-called Commander in Chief was bouncing with his army, was later running with his presidential tribune frightened of the manifestations. That’s why he didn’t dare to hold a parade last year and a real public event took place at the stadium. I hope that people will still come to streets to prevent the so-called Commander in Chief from holding a parade. Saakashvili’s gang has grabbed everything they could and now we have to make them return everything. Despite the fact that Saakashvili never avoids any violation, we will reach our aim through peaceful and fair fight,” said Gachechiladze and on the reporter’s question that everyone criticizes him for not making a radical step in the most decisive moment answered: “We will not permit an assault although we will use all the sharp methods of political fight. I hope that after Saakashvili’s political dislodgement, the process of impeachment of the President will be simplified and this issue will be discussed not in streets but in Parliament. The public assembly should unite all the social circles, including political and non-political individuals and I hope that the other politicians will also join us.”