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Do you think Russian officials use Georgian politicians for their own purposes?

Tuesday, May 11
"Yes, definitely, itís an unfortunate truth. Russians donít care about us at all."
Tata, accountant, 22

"Well, politics is a game where everyone uses one another. Russians want to use Georgians and Georgians the same in reverse. Thatís the simple rule."
Khatuna, economist, 30

"Certainly I think that they systematically and disgracefully use our weak-willed politicians to fulfill their purposes and arrange everything according to their will in our country. They use not only individual politicians but whole parties as well. Iíd better restrain myself from naming the Russian puppets in Georgia but Iím sure everyone knows perfectly well who they are."
Lasha, student, 22

"Itís beyond dispute that the Russians have always used our politicians to carry out their policies in Georgia, or they wouldnít have managed to achieve so many of their aims in our country. What else can Georgian politicians' frequent visits to our enemyís territory be connected with? Why do they need these? Of course they are resolving the Russian authorities' problems there and then protecting their interests in our country too."
Ana, nurse, 43

"To my mind every reasonable Georgian has no doubt that the Russians use our politicians for their purposes and by means of this easily control our country. I boldly name Burjanadze and Noghaideli as the biggest Russian agents as every step taken by them is a visible testimony that they are the defenders of Russian interests in Georgia."
Irakli, teacher, 50

"There is such a pro-Western orientation in our country nowadays that itís difficult to imagine that anyone cares about Russia, but I still think that the Russian authorities persistently endeavour to use some of our politicians(Burjanadze and Noghaideli for instance) to achieve their goals in Georgia. But to tell the truth, I have no idea to what extent they have turned our politicians into their puppets."
Nino, singer, 34

"Russia is trying to use Georgian politicians for its ends, but Georgian politicians should use this to further Georgiaís interests. It is very necessary that relations with Russia be improved and meetings are necessary for this."
Keti, musician, 32

"I do not like when Georgian political figures holding negotiations with the Russian rulers. Russia is doing its best to annihilate Georgia and Putin and Medvedev do not care about us, only our territory is important for them."
Nika, worker, 35

"In my opinion the regulation of relations with Russia is important for us. It is one of the most powerful and dangerous countries and we should not suffer its aggression again. Maybe they are trying to use us, but let us wait and see what will be the outcome of these meetings they are having."
Tamuna, historian, 29