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Complied by Keti Baramidze
Thursday, May 13
Gigi Tevzadze: Gulashvili is backed by Russia

Rezonansi writes that the Rector of the Ilia Chavchavadze Tbilisi State University believes that the confrontation between 'liberals' and 'Faith protectors' was sparked by the extremism of Malkhaz Gulashvili and his supporters. Gigi Tevzadze also thinks that the Russian Government supports them. “Gulashvili’s biography and the history of his and Russia’s relationship gives me grounds for saying this”, Tevzadze explains.

The Rector adds that students have the right to express protests and even demand that the Rector be sacked, provided their behaviour does not violate university and legislative norms. "Our university is a truly democratic institution where everybody can express their dissatisfaction," Tevzadze says.

In response to the widespread accusation that he wouldn’t allow students to open a prayer room at the university, Tevzadze appeals to everyone to see the Academic Council’s announcement about this on the university webpage. "The university’s aim is to conduct academic activities and the Academic Council doesn’t consider developing a religious infrastructure to be reasonable due to the fact that students of various different religions study at the university and there is not a single political of confessional organisation there. The university fulfills its main purpose and its door is open for any discussion," says Tevzadze, repeating once again that Gulashvili’s actions are a visible testimony of the fact that he serves Russia’s interests in our country.

No one knows where Saakashvili is

Rezonansi reports that the date when Mikheil Saakashvili will return to Georgia is still unknown. According to the latest reports Saakashvili attended the inauguration of the President of Costa Rica on May 9, but he has since disappeared from view.

When asked where the President is now his Press Service head Alana Gagloeva said: “I really know nothing”. Head of his Administration Manana Manjgaladze does not know either. Saakashvili was in the USA for almost three weeks and then intended to visit Romania but this visit was postponed. “Today we celebrated our national holiday so please visit our country in a month”, the Romanian authorities asked Saakashvili, and that's why he returned to Tbilisi on May 3 and attended the Police Day festival, but he has not been here since.

From The Vatican the President of Georgia set out to Costa Rica where he attended President Laura Chinchilla Miranda’s inauguration. He was due to hold meetings with Latin and Central American leaders, but on May 9 the latest news on Saakashvili’s webpage did not mention any South American leaders, simply saying that Saakashvili was the only President invited to the Costa Rica inauguration. However Saakashvili was invited to a business meal at which it was revealed that Georgian Embassies will be opened in Brazil and Mexico.

“When the President pays visits to different countries he must have a definite aim. But our President doesn’t takes this elemental rule into consideration, and his arrival in certain countries has been a big surprise. Obviously this is extremely disturbing for Georgians," concludes analyst Gia Khukhashvili.